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All eyes may be on Sochi, Russia for the upcoming 2014 Winter Games but adventure-seekers tired of the Olympics can still find plenty of amazing spectacles.

They just need to look down. Like, deep down. And probably don a diving suit.

cave of crystals

What you’re looking at is the Orda Cave, located in Russia’s Urals regions, some 2,430 km northeast of the Olympic host city.

In total, the cave spans 5.1 km long, with 4.8km of it stretching underground. If caves had their own Olympic category, the Orda Cave would probably own the podium. It’s the longest underwater gypsum cave in the world and one of the longest underwater caves period.

As for the gypsum factor, it’s what makes exploring the Orda Cave so unique. The mineral comes in the form of transparent crystals which allows for phenomenal photography, with some divers reporting roughly 45 meters of visibility.

cave of crystals

The gypsum is also what makes the vibrant hues of blue found in the rock formations, as these 2011 photos from Victor Lyagushkin, an underwater photographer and journalist, illustrate.

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We like Paradise!

Wandering Mole

I never thought Sorsogon was that beautiful.  You know that kind of beauty when you do not need any extravagance because you already have a full sense of what an ideal life is.  It is in the serenity of the place that the simplest things would bring you joy and peace instead of boredom.

This was my post birthday treat to myself, and part of my desire to travel wider and farther, Sorsogon was a perfect match.  It is Luzon’s last point to the south, and a few hours of banca ride, you will be stepping foot to the first island of Samar.  Quite amazing, huh?  The journey was not easy though.  We had more than 14 hours of endless trip, literally, and I almost swear not to see any more of that cemented roads – at least for the next two days.

Tourism in the province is not well-promoted…

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Mind Over Matter

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Living in the Langhe

Powder off piste, Limone Piemonte, too much

The time has come to put angry thoughts about faintly criminal estate agents to one side and focus again on why we’re here…

Let’s start with a geography lesson. The Langhe is an area with the region of Piemonte, which is in north-west Italy. Now Piemonte, as of course you know, means “foot of the mountains”. So… and I can tell you’re catching on now… there are mountains all around.

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Travelin Tita

dancing barefoot to the beat of some good reggae music…drinking cocktails at sunset…endless fun, sun and laughter…

who wouldn’t fall in love with Boracay?

oh i know so much has been said about the island but i thought it earned it’s right to land a part in my not so famous list…not only because it’s simply an amazing paradise but at the same time crazy.

the list is just a few things you may or may not want to miss..

okay.. i’m kidding..these are my hot spots meaning it tickled me..


I always get to to the island in the afternoon, and it’s very important that i get my coffee, no matter what..if your hotel is not beachfront, try to walk the stretch and look for some cozy spots for that sunset coffee moment.a few spots i found you may wanna try..

  • Cafe Del Sol  ,station 2  – offers every kind…

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The Pilgrimage.

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As summer sizzles, the Philippines has been named the best diving destination in the Pacific and Indian Oceans together with Malaysia, the Department of Tourism (DOT) said on Tuesday.

A survey by Scuba Diving Magazine, through its website, showed that scuba divers considered the Philippines and Malaysia the best diving destinations in this part of the world. (more…)

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  1. Mount Khuiten, Mongolia

    In Mongolia, it’s easy for a traveler to be quickly swept away by the endless green steppes, the heartiness of the Kazakh nomads, and the rolling landscapes that define the Altai Mountains. This makes the trek to Mount Khuiten as enjoyable and scenic as the climb itself.

    The mountain straddles the corners of Russia, China, and Mongolia. To reach it, trekkers must cross a golden, vast, and barren landscape that is one of the last remote regions on Earth. This remarkable journey is enhanced by the gentle hospitality of the Kazakh nomads. (more…)


By far the best way to see the under water ruins of this historically rich area. It is forbidden to swim amongst the ruins to prevent the theft of antiquities. There will however be plenty of opportunities for swimming throughout the trip. (more…)