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I’VE GOT an idea. Just for fun, to get some kicks, may I suggest the following trifecta?


Start with a “Boa Constrictor Crawl” through a series of pipes up and downhill into freezing mud. Follow this with an “Arctic Enema,” such that you jump into and swim through frigid water, and then finish with an “Electroshock Therapy Run” through a field of live wires (10,000 volts).


Sound totally awesome? If so, then I bet you’re interested in participating in Tough Mudder NorCal (registration now open for 2014 at


Haven’t heard of Tough Mudder? Well then, let me explain. The Mudder is a 10- to 12-mile obstacle course through a series of “MOB” (mud, obstacles and beer) runs. Billing itself as the “Premier Obstacle Course in the World,” the event has exploded in popularity since its inception in 2010, now with more than 1 million participants worldwide. (more…)

Have you failed to climb a rope or found yourself slipping off the monkey bars and falling into the mud? If so, you need to get stronger, especially in your grip, back and core.

The following four climbing exercises will address your strength needs, allowing you to conquer climbing obstacles and simultaneously make you a better overall athlete.

The Deadlift


The Deadlift increases strength in your  lower body and back. Holding a heavy bar for several reps builds grip strength and endurance, both critical for rope climbs and monkey bars.

This movement is particularly beneficial for obstacle course rope climbs, because the ropes usually have several knots in them. You can push against the knots with your legs to help you climb, similar to how you drive off the ground when performing the Deadlift.



The good old Pull-Up is one of the best exercises to help you complete monkey bar obstacles. It builds back strength, which will help you pull yourself up a rope or across the bars and help you maintain a strong grip for an entire obstacle race.

Farmer’s Walks

Farmer's Walk

Walking with heavy weights improves your grip and core strength. Each step challenges your grip and forces you to activate your core muscles to keep you from swaying from side to side.

Alternating Hanging Knee Raises

Alternating Hanging Knee Raises simulate the way you move across monkey bars. Your core must stabilize to maintain control of your body while your legs move below you. And of course, it challenges your grip.

Putting It Together

In the Obstacle Course Training System, I recommend performing two total-body strength sessions per week. Below is an example of how you can incorporate the above climbing exercises into a workout.

  • Deadlift x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (weight equal to your body weight)
  • Pull-Ups x 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Farmer’s Walks – 5×125 feet (start with 60 to 70 percent of your body weight and progress to a weight equal to your body weight)
  • Hanging Knee Raises – 5×12
  • Photo: The Painted Warrior

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Photo courtesy David Jaindl: A runner exits a high-voltage obstacle during June's Tough Mudder on Jaindl land in Heidelberg Township.

Photo courtesy David Jaindl: A runner exits a high-voltage obstacle during June’s Tough Mudder on Jaindl land in Heidelberg Township.

aindl Farms Owner David Jaindl presented a large check to the Wounded Warrior Project late last week in honor of Veterans Day.

The $50,000 donation was from the proceeds he received for hosting the Tough Mudder event on the company’s 400-acre Heidelberg Township property in Lehigh County. (more…)

Maryborough's Nathan Brock competed in the Spartan Race Ultra Beast and was among 10 Queenslanders presented with a glow in the dark medal.

Maryborough‘s Nathan Brock competed in the Spartan Race Ultra Beast and was among 10 Queenslanders presented with a glow in the dark medal.Robyne Cuerel 

IT’S an event that makes Tough Mudder look like a walk in the park.

Maryborough’s Nathan Brock took part in Australia’s first marathon-distance obstacle course race event, the Spartan Race Ultra Beast, which takes place over 42km in Picton, Sydney.

The event was the equivalent of three Tough Mudder events back-to-back and included dragging cement blocks up hills, carrying 55kg weights and rope climbs.

The estimated completion time for the course was 10 hours, but Nathan managed to complete it in less than nine hours.

He was the only person on the Fraser Coast to take part in the event, one of 10 from Queensland and one of 97 people from around Australia who was accepted to complete the event, which was by application only.

Nathan is now looking forward to competing in the United States.

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Spartan Race took its final event of the 2013 calendar to Razorback for the 21km Beast and 42km Ultra Beast courses.

Fitness enthusiasts took part in the Spartan Race 21km Beast and 42km Ultra Beast courses at Razorback on Saturday. PICTURE: JESS HUSBAND. Source: News Limited

THOUSANDS of fitness fanatics flocked to Maldon on Saturday to put themselves to the test in the Spartan Race 21km Beast and 42km Ultra Beast courses.

Under the watchful eye of personal trainer Commando Steve, 1611 Beast contestants pushed their physical and mental limits through obstacles such as wire crawls, rope climbs and fire jumps. Only 32 people failed to finish the 21km course. (more…)

Junyong Pak



A Gordon College student and his buddy recently got a crash course in athletic endurance, courtesy of the World’s Toughest Mudder.

Matt Shahzade and Peter Nawoichik took part in a strenuous workout conducted by Beverly native Junyoung Pak, Oct. 19 at Lynch Park. The training tutorial was part of the top prize in the CoachUp Ambassador Program raffle.

The winner received a private coaching session with Pak, a two-time defending World’s Toughest Mudder champion, as well as free entry to a future Tough Mudder event.

Although a little exhausted, Shahzade was no worse for the wear. (more…)

A competitor braves the ‘Gladiator arena’, the final obstacle in a Spartan Race

Spartan Race was founded in 2001 by a group of seven individuals, all with extensive histories in the athletic and racing worlds. It comprises a series of races of varying lengths and difficulties from one mile to a marathon.

The concept was voted the best obstacle race in Outside Magazine in 2012, as races are held all over the world, with it being particularly popular in EuropeNorth America, South Korea and Australia. Spartan Races are for those with a competitive edge – the main goal is to finish as quickly as possible, as there are cash prizes at stake. (more…)

Image representing Spartan Race as depicted in...

Obstacle racing is the fastest-growing participation sport in the U.S., with over 1.5 million competing in 2013. Spartan Race, founded in 2010 and experiencing unprecedented growth for its timed and judged competitions, is considered at the top of the class of this new sport, according to Outside Magazine, which named it the best obstacle race in the world.

Now as the Boston-based company is seeking new locations for 2014, it has prepared an RFP for Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, sports commissions, sports parks, ski areas, and Business Improvement Districts interested in benefiting from an estimated $2 to $8 million in local revenue and upwards of $900 million in media exposure per event. The RFP is now available upon request by contacting Brian Duncanson, Vice President – Strategy, at venues (at) spartanrace (dot) com. Scenes of previous races can be seen at (more…)

News Leader sports writer Cory Mull, far left, participated in Saturday's Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder in West Virginia with a team of eight others.

News Leader sports writer Cory Mull, far left, participated in Saturday’s Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder in West Virginia with a team of eight others. / Cory Mull/The News Leader

There is a perfectly good explanation as to why events like the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash have become so popular in this country, and as of recently, across the world.

People love obstacle courses. (more…)

Darren Fittler

Darren Fittler and Dirk Venter tackle the Tough Mudder. Picture: Rob Daniels Source: Supplied

INTRODUCING Sydney-sider Darren Fittler.

He’s just become the first blind man in the world to complete the Tough Mudder.

Alongside close friend and personal trainer Dirk Venter, Fittler took on and conquered the gruelling 20km hardcore obstacle course of 3m walls and freezing ice baths in four hours and 19 minutes to write himself into the record books.

“It was great to get over the line, I spent the last 10km with fairly severe leg cramps and I was glad just to stop, to be honest,” Fittler, a lawyer by day, told AWAAT. (more…)