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Fantastic idea!!


Inventor Develops Way To Rid The Sea of Plastic


” Millions of tons of plastic pollute our oceans, and they are helping drive oceanic ecosystems towards collapse. A solution is needed to remove this garbage, to help in clearing and purifying our waters. Unfortunately, current and previous efforts have been unable to meet the ever-increasing need. Commonly, plastic materials reach the oceans via rivers and waterways, and most likely accumulate in one of five areas of high plastic concentration; Gyres.

A 19 year old Dutch student, Boyan Slat, has developed a model for a floating device designed to address this problem, and ideally rid the oceans of plastic trash. Although being hailed as a feasible method by various media sources, the official site for the engineering student had this to say:

“This is an incorrect statement; we are currently only at about 1/4th of completing our feasibility…

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words and wilds

In spite of its name, the Australian National University Mountaineering Club actually does very little mountaineering. Summer weekends are filled with trips to the coast for kayaking, winter adventures are prepared with snow shoes and NNN-BC or telemark skis for the high country, and all year round the climbers climb… well, everything (including the National Library of Australia, which surely has the most perfect accidental bouldering feature wall ever constructed).

So although the first Introduction to Mountaineering weekend for 2013 had been held whilst I was in Africa (summitting Kilimanjaro and on safari), I pleaded my way into the second installment, and was thus bound for Kosciuszko National Park less than a week after my return to the country. The weather was inclement, so it was unanimously decided that instead of arriving at our destination in the mountains at midnight, we would set up the unofficial ANUMC Winter…

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snow ridges

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The view from the Guthega pub across the Snowy Mountain national park was truly spectacular over the weekend.

What better place to enjoy a beer in the sun after a bit of traversing from Blue Cow. The ridges created by rain falling last week over the fresh snow looked like a carpet of patterns in the distance  🙂

Selected images are also available as prints , cards or framed on the link :

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Tapto Lakes

Posted: August 9, 2013 by kirisyko in Climbing
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Leor Pantilat's Adventures

The Whatcom Pass and Tapto Lakes area is one of the most scenic in all of the North Cascades. It’s a bit of a schlep to get there by any approach so it comes as no surprise that this is an infrequently visited corner of the range. From the west it’s 18+ miles via Hannegan Pass and down the Chilliwack to Brush Creek. From the east it’s 17+ miles along Little Beaver Creek. By either approach, it’s a long way in the woods with relentless flies and mosquitoes along with a healthy dose of quintessential North Cascades brush. I last visited Tapto Lakes eight years ago and it was one of the fondest memories in all of my travels in the North Cascades (which have been fairly comprehensive).  Coming away from this trip I found the basin to be just as spectacular as I had remembered. As with eight years prior…

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Celebrating the strange and the shadowy, the damned and unseen

When I stumbled across the photography of Jakob Polomski today, my breath left me, and I had to grapple to get it back. It’s so refreshing and exciting to come across a photographer who doesn’t just make your eyes wide to the point that they hurt, but who actually effects your entire body, so much so that you need to sit quietly for a moment so you can ‘come back.’

Polomski’s work has strongly reiterated exactly why escaping to mountains and snow laden landscapes is so damn important to me. It’s not often that a photograph has the capability to make me feel not only stirred, but revitalised to the point that I feel as if I’ve been on a journey to places that shift my soul, shake it out and put it back bright, clean and energised.

Jakub Polomski6

Jakub Polomski5

Jakub Polomski4

Jakub Polomski2











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As a woman, all I can say is EEEEEEEEUUUUWWWWWW

Girly Camping®

While camping at Heaton Flats campground in the San Gabriel mountains we saw the aftermath of a tarantula hawk vs. tarantula fight. Who do you think won?

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Afternoon jump for joy with Greg!

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Cliff Diving Monkeys

Posted: July 22, 2013 by kirisyko in Cliff Diving, Water
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Check out these little dudes!

These monkeys were caught on camera jumping into the sea at Khao Takiab, Hua Hin, Thailand.