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Parasailing Industry May See New Guidelines

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Parasail Bill Soaring Through Senate

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Brenda Backhouse is a self-confessed thrill-seeker.


Brenda Backhouse is a self-confessed thrill-seeker.

Meet the 83-year-old supergran who has no fear – her favourite activities include kayaking, parasailing and skydiving – and has now even taken up GO KARTING.

Grandmother-of-nine Brenda Backhouse, from Yoxall, Staffs is a self-confessed thrill-seeker who thinks nothing of jumping out of planes and scaling the side of buildings.

In the last three years, Brenda has packed in as many daredevil activities as possible.

Brenda said: “I realised at 80 it was now or never and I still had so many things I wanted to achieve- so I decided to get going.”

She has been paragliding, white water rafting, abseiled down a building in Birmingham, lived with a tribe in the desert and went backpacking alone around New Zealand.

She said: “I love zipping around in the karts, and I still really enjoyed driving on the road- the faster the better.”

The grandmother of nine went skydiving in New Zealand.


The grandmother of nine went skydiving in New Zealand. “It was amazing. I wasn’t scared one bit,” she said.

Brenda, who grew up on a farm, said she spent her childhood climbing trees and having no fear- something she has carried on into her elderly years.

Daredevil Brenda said: “There was no health and safety back then, I climbed ladders and trees and fell out- it was no bother.”

“I have always been a thrill seeker but got married and settled down when I had my family.

“But since my children have grown up I’ve got a new lease of life and I just cannot get enough of extreme things to do- wingwalking is the next on my lists.”

Brenda, who once sold a car because she felt it wasn’t fast enough, said: “I spent a month backpacking around New Zealand. I didn’t have a mobile phone and I loved it.

“My children worried but they knew I was fine really. I stayed in backpacking hostels with all the young travellers. I went to bed when they were going out partying and crept out of the room early in the morning when they were all asleep.”

Backhouse felt like a


Backhouse felt like a “female James Bond” while riding camels in Jordan.

While in New Zealand Brenda decided to do a skydive.

She said: “It was amazing. I wasn’t scared one bit. I felt free and it was incredibly exciting.”

Once back in the UK the intrepid mother-of-five took the plunge with a daredevil skydive with The Red Devils, where she managed to raise £2,000 for Help For Heroes.

She also abseiled 150ft down the House of Fraser at Birmingham’s Bullring and enjoyed camel riding in Jordan, and staying in the desert with the Bedouin tribes.

She said: ” When I did the abseil I was a bit more nervous at the top than I ever thought I would be – but I felt like a female James Bond at the bottom”

Brenda does her best to raise money for charity through her daring deeds as her father fought in the First World War.

Backhouse, from Yoxall, U.K.,  thinks nothing of jumping out of planes and scaling the side of buildings.


Backhouse, from Yoxall, U.K., thinks nothing of jumping out of planes and scaling the side of buildings.

Retired teacher Brenda said: “I do it all for our armed forces because they represent us in the best possible way by risking their lives.

“Some of them desperately need help. Those with physical wounds are looked after but those with post-traumatic stress disorder are overlooked.”

And fearless Brenda even wants to travel to Afghanistan to give advice to women over there.

She said: “My children will be horrified because I haven’t told them.

“I would love to go and offer women advice from my own experiences. I’m not frightened to travel there even though it is a war zone.”

Brenda’s daredevil list:

Two skydives; A paraglide; White water rafting in a wild river; Abseiled down a Birmingham department store; Been solo backpacking in New Zealand; Lived with a Bedouin tribe in the desert; Scaled a glacier in sub-zero temperatures; Paddled a kayak down the River Trent; Rode camels in Jordan; Go-karting.

An update on that horrific parasailing accident at Panama City Beach July 2013.

The accident is now the subject of a newly-filed negligence lawsuit.

Indiana teenagers Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good were critically injured when their parasail’s tow line snapped.

They crashed into a condominium, hit some power lines, and fell onto a car in an adjacent parking lot.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed in the case.

Fairchild’s parents are suing the parasailing company, Aquatic Adventures, its owner Jeff Jones, and Treasure Island Resort Rentals.

Attorney Debi Chalik claims the defendants were negligent by taking the girls on a parasail ride in extremely dangerous weather, the boat and parasail were too close to shore, and inappropriate, and unsafe equipment was used.

The lawsuit says Treasure Island resort rentals failed to make sure the operators were fully qualified and had radios, and other necessary equipment.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

We have also learned that Fairchild, her parents and attorney will be appearing on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning.

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Laura Pasnik, left, and Manuela Rosati go parasailing at Ponce Inlet.

News Journal file photo

Two lawmakers have proposed setting safety standards for parasailing, a move that could not only cut down on the threat of deaths and injuries to participants but save operators from skyrocketing insurance rates and a growing negative perception of the sport found in many of Florida’s coastal communities, including Volusia County.

“We’re making our best efforts to ensure this activity is as safe as it possibly can be,” said Larry Meddock, executive director of Water Sports Industry Association.

Under legislation proposed by state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, and state Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, D-Deerfield Beach, operators would be prohibited from parasailing in sustained winds of 20 mph or greater or with gusts of more than 25 mph, among other requirements. State records show at least 20 parasailing accidents in Florida since 2001, resulting in 20 injuries and six deaths.

“These incidents show we need to do something right now,” Clarke-Reed said.

Lawmakers in 2008 first introduced a bill to regulate the parasailing industry after the death of 15-year-old Amber White in 2007 while parasailing with her sister in Pompano Beach. The two crashed into a building after a burst of wind snapped the tow line.

In September 2010, 27-year old Alejandra White was killed while parasailing off Clearwater Beach when high winds snapped the line connecting her parachute to the towboat. In 2012, Kathleen Miskell, 28, was killed in Pompano Beach when her harness broke and she fell 150 to 200 feet into the water.

“We can only hope and pray that was the final accident for a long, long time,” Meddock said.

Similar legislation in 2011 and 2012 failed to garner support from lawmakers, but Sachs believes her efforts will not fall short this year because “it was written by the profession,” she said.

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Kanaha Beach: kitesurfers versus children?

A group of water sports enthusiasts is trying to keep kiteboarding, windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and surfing authorized activities at Kanaha Beach Park, in Maui.
The Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation of the State of Hawaii is planning to keep all water sports out of Ka’a Point, by enforcing swimming zones in the area.

Beachgoers claim that kitesurfers are endangering children and that they sought to “escalate the issue into a physical altercation” when encountered. (more…)

English: colva

MARGAO: A tourist from Assam suffered injuries while parasailing at Colva beach on Thursday afternoon and was provided medical assistance by Drishti special response services’ lifeguards.

The victim, Jaynath B from Guwahati, 30, and his family members, were enjoying water sportsactivity at Colva beach. The victim, who was parasailing in front of the Colva tower, had a nasty landing where he fell down and got injured. (more…)

GEORGE TOWN: A strange tranquility pervades the Batu Ferringhi beachfront following the suspension of water sport activities by the local council.

Conspicuously missing from the popular venue was the usual flurry of activities involving the jet-skis, motorboats and parasailing.

A Streets check at the beachfront showed that the popular tourist belt was very much deserted yesterday.

No motorised sports have taken place since the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) temporarily suspended water sport activities following the fatal parasailing accident on Wednesday which killed an Arab woman. (more…)

Batu Ferringhi Beach on Penang, Batu Ferringhi...


GEORGETOWN: A 35-year-old Arab woman was killed in a parasailing accident yesterday at the famous Batu Ferringhi.
The victim has been identified as Aldakhilallad Eman Mohamed from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She was single.
Aldakhilallad had apparently plunged into the sea and died while being airborne off the shoreline. (more…)

Hot air balloon being inflated by its propane ...

If its adventure you are seeking when in Delhi, the top three destinations for you are Adventure Island, Hot Air Ballooning and Para Sailing, you need not go very far for these as all three are possible in Delhi NCR today.

Around a thrilling manmade lake in North West Delhi, lies a remarkable oasis, a place for excitement, entertainment and relaxation- Adventure Island. This unique family entertainment destination is a short walk or a quick rickshaw ride away from the Rithala metro station, on Delhi Metro Rail’s red line. Adventure Island is an extensively landscaped theme park complete with a lake, a lagoon, fountains, adventure rides, water rides, engaging activities, entertaining productions, rain dance, boating, camping, shopping, fine dining, international cuisines, hygienic Indian street food and more. (more…)