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La Salie Pro 2014: the French is on top | Photo: David Cardoso

Pierre-Louis Costes has claimed the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival 2014, in France.

The first stage of the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) 2014 was held in small wave conditions. Nevertheless, it was pretty contestable, with sunny skies and favorable winds.

Despite living in Portugal, the former world bodyboarding champion was playing in home waters and had a cheering support from the fans in the beach.

“Small conditions but a great event. Well done to all the competitors and the organizers. Hope to come back next year,” expressed Costes.

Hugo Pinheiro finished the La Salie Pro 2014 in the runner-up position, Ayoub Soussi was third, and Silvano Lourenco kept fourth.

La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival 2014 Final:

1. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA), 14.8
2. Hugo Pinheiro (POR), 12.35
3. Ayoub Soussi (MOR), 11.4
4. Silvano Lourenco (POR), 8.8

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BIA Tour: the best of Californian bodyboarding

Sean McElroy has taken out the 2014 Manhattan Beach Pro/Am, in Los Angeles.

The first stop on the 2014 Bodyboarder International Association was held in sunny two-to-three foot surf. California’s ultimate bodyboarding circuit attracted over 75 riders.

Local knowledge once again prevailed at Manhattan Beach, as resident pro rider Nick Borgens claimed first place in the Drop Knee division. Veteran Enrique De Solar came out of retirement and bashed his way to second place, followed by Justin Cadiente and Jeff Bragg.

Sean McElroy landed ARS after ARS throughout the day to take home the win in the Pro Open contest, leaving former BIA Tour champion Jeremy Wright in second, Justin Cadiente in third and Danny Hart in fourth.

The Amateur divisions had another good turnout showing that amateur
bodyboarding in California is still going strong. Dennis Decarlo took the Local Division, while Tommy Capps claimed the Youth competition.

2014 Manhattan Beach Pro/Am Results:

Pro Open:
1. Sean McElroy
2. Jeremy Wright
3. Justin Cadiente
4. Danny Hart

Pro Drop Knee:
1. Nick Borgens
2. Enrique De Solar
3. Justin Cadiente
4. Jeff Bragg

1. Sean McElroy
2. Soufian Bensmiel
3. Nathan Elsner
4. Caleb Roman

Drop Knee:
1. Alex Numa
2. Soufian Bensmiel
3. Peter Hedge
4. Armando Fraga

1. Josh Raymond
2. JR Calderon
3. Justic Brown
4. Tosh Demello

1. Justin Cadiente
2. Jimmy Lindville
3. Turner Harmon
4. Dennis Decarlo

MB Locals:
1. Dennis Decarlo
2. Sal Fitsemanu
3. Tim Tindall
4. Armando Fraga
5. Dan Monnes

1. Tommy Capps
2. Tommy Rinaldini
3. Anthony Smetoha
4. Josh Dowdy

Glory day for Eddie Read at Tuncurry Beach

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Eddie Read: he knows how to do it

Eddie Read has claimed the second round of the Forster Tuncurry Bodyboarding Association 2014 Tour, at Tuncurry Beach.

A beautiful Autumn day, sunshine, warm water, and clean offshore waves for most of the day greeted riders. It was time to decide in which division each competitor would spend the rest of the year.

The presence of the Pom and former world tour competitor Eddie Read was bound to push the local boys to lift their riding, and they didn’t disappoint.

Adam Douglas put his local knowledge to use early on with near flawless barrel riding and rolling out cleanly off the end sections. Kallan Bragg also impressed with a clean floating reverse.

Josh Griffin showed that a lot off time spent in the water pays off by launching an ARS off nearly any wave that would allow it.

The experience and clean surfing of Eddie saw him take out the Open final, with Josh Griffin in very close second, Jacob Dunn in third and Kallan Bragg in fourth.

The A division was taken out by Stuart Crookston and Dylon Southern finishing in equal first, with Jeremy Coombes, Blake Sky and Kurt Bennet coming in equal second.

Strong surfing all day by Jacob Dunn with very clean rolls on the Tuncurry lefts saw him take out the AA final.

In the Women’s division, France Hazar’s experience and clean lines paid off, just nudging out Eve Albury and notching up another first.

The Drop Knee riders took advantage of an early final in clean conditions to put on an impressive display of skills.

Adam Cheers took out the final with Jake Lightenberg and Kallan Bragg close behind him in second and third respectively.

1. Eddie Read
2. Josh Griffin
3. Jacob Dunn
4. Kallan Bragg

A Division:
1. Stuart Crookston and Dylon Southern
2. Jeremy Coombes, Blake Sky and Kurt Bennett

AA Division:
1. Jacob Dunn
2. Brody Hill
3. Logan Morgan
4. Anthony Murphy

1. Ben Fletcher
2. Aaron Dodds
3. William Kennedy
4. Jim Crooston and Simon Patterson

1. France Hazar
2. Eve Albury

Drop Knee:
1. Adam Cheers
2. Jake Ligtenberg
3. Kallan Bruce Bragg
4. Ben Fletcher

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MS Pro Plug: the GoPro bodyboard mount by Science

Science Bodyboards has released the Mike Stewart Pro Plug, a special GoPro mount for bodyboards.

It has never been easy to apply a GoPro bodyboard mount. You can easily damage a brand new bodyboard, and you can position the mounting pad in the wrong spot.

Science Bodyboards has released the MS Pro Plus, a light weight, low profile GoPro mount specifically designed to fit any bodyboard or soft board, between 1,3/4” (45mm) and 3” (75mm) in thickness.

The single molded cap and screw are made from a high mechanical strength polyamide polymer for durability. This plug fits any GoPro Camera and is easy to install.

The MS Pro Plug comes with a camera tether, as an added safety measure, and it will cost you 15 dollars plus shipping.


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European Tour of Bodyboard: the Old Continent loves to show off

The 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard will kick off on the 11th April, at La Salie, Arcachon, France.

The official bodyboarding circuit of the Old Continent is planning four stages to crown male and female champions.

The 2014 European Tour of Bodyboard kicks off in France with the La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival. During the summer, competition moves to Portugal for the Miss Sumol Cup, in Aveiro, and the Figueira Bodyboard Pro, in Figueira da Foz.

The last stage will be held at Medhia Beach. It’s the Morocco Bodyboard Pro. The female riders will only have one opportunity to steal the cup, and it will be in the Aveiro stop.

Pierre-Louis Costes (France) and Catarina Sousa (Portugal) are the defending 2013 European Tour of Bodyboard champions.

2014 European Tour of Bodyboard schedule:

La Salie Pro Bodyboarding Festival | France | 11-13 April
Miss Sumol Cup | Portugal | 29-30 August
Figueira Bodyboard Pro | Portugal | 5-7 September
Morocco Bodyboard Pro | Portugal | TBC

A bodyboarder has suffered abdominal injuries after colliding with a dolphin in the surf on the NSW south coast, paramedics say.

The 27-year-old man was bodyboarding at Bawley Point, about 25 kilometres south of Ulladulla, on Monday morning when he was struck on the chest while attempting to dive through a wave.

The impact was so great it tore the surfer’s wetsuit, a NSW Ambulance spokeswoman said.

Paramedics were called to the Nuggan Point car park about 9am, and had to walk about one kilometre to reach the beach.

The man was treated for lower abdominal injuries before he was taken to Milton Ulladulla Hospital.

An ambulance rescue helicopter has been called to the hospital and the man was flown to St George Hospital in a stable condition, the spokeswoman said.

It is believed the dolphin swam away after the collision.

The incident revived memories of a surfer being hit by a whale’s tail at Bondi Beach in July.

Marine research group ORCCA’s president Ronny Ling said it was hard to tell whether the dolphin had deliberately struck the bodyboarder.

“They [dolphins] can always miscalculate,” he told AAP.

“There is a possibility of error there on the animal’s behalf.”

By law, swimmers are required to stay 50 metres away from dolphins and 100 metres from whales.

Dolphin rammings reported in NSW in the past usually occurred when people tried to interact with the unpredictable animals, Mr Ling said.

“Dolphins have killed people overseas in the past,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of cases lately of people trying to hold on to dolphins.

“That’s what they [dolphins] don’t like.”

– with AAP

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Bodyboarder loses life in Santa Cruz

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Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz: rough waters | Photo: O'Neill CwC

A 47-year old bodyboarder has lost his life at Its Beach, Santa Cruz, Northern California.
James Zenk, from Mountain View, was catching waves in 12-foot surf when he was suddenly dashed against rocks near the Santa Cruz Lighthouse. The rider had previously declined help from Santa Cruz Fire rescuers on jet skis.

According to Battalion Chief Mike Venezio, “a huge set sucked him toward the toilet bowl”. Two rescue swimmers dived in, but they immediately feared for their own lives as big waves kept hitting the rocks.

The bodyboarder got into trouble between Its Beach and Steamer Lane, in an area of strong currents and rough waters known as “toilet bowl”. He was brought to Cowell Beach, given CPR, but he ended up passing away at the Dominican Hospital.

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The IBA World Tour 2014 has been cancelled

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IBA World Tour: no-go in 2014

The 2014 IBA World Tour will not be run. The International Bodyboarding Association has announced that the professional circuit will resume in 2015.

A punch in the throat. A couple of months ago, Mike Stewart confirmed “there will be an IBA World Tour in 2014“. Apparently, that is not going to happen.

Despite all the buzz around the newly formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), riders, industry professionals, and event organizers were not able to build a new global competition from scratch.

New rules were set, new names were announced; prize money standards have been set but, in the end, it all comes down to nothing.

“To this end, the organization is engaging in a strategic review to best ascertain the most sustainable model for the sport moving forward – this is expected to be a six month planning and rebuilding period in which the opinions of the riders, viewers and industry players will be sought in an effort to develop a platform which is both robust and reliable, while also being less dependent on sponsorship support”, the IBA underlines in its official webpage.

“Whist Pipeline this year will not be run as an official IBA sanctioned event, we are currently working closely with the members of the Association of Professional Bodyboarders to provide support to the riders and the 2014 event schedule, with a view of resuming a full IBA World Tour with high quality digital content, industry support and closer viewer interaction for the year 2015”.

The International Bodyboarding Association admits “there have been some failures along the way” but the truth is bodyboarding fans won’t be able to follow their idols in competition.

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Bodyboarders take control of the IBA World Tour
IBA World Tour: bodyboarders take control

The 2014 world bodyboarding tour will be held under a one world ranking system, with all events being Star-rated and sanctioned by the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB).

A revolution is taking place in professional bodyboarding. The newly-formed Association of Professional Bodyboarders will control the planetary circuit, in a completely new format.

“In a sense, we are going ‘back to the future’ to use a model that promotes growth. All events that meet the minimum prize-money and standards will be rated on the 2014 world tour”, underlines the team behind APB.

The 2014 world men’s tour will consist of the Top 28 riders in the world, determined off previous years’ one world rankings. The first stage of the 2014 season will the Pipeline Pro, to be held between February 18th-24th.

“This is a pivotally event and year for bodyboarding. I will be my best with the support of the riders and staff to maintain the highest level of quality for the 2014 Pipe Challenge”, states Ben Severson, the Pipeline Pro organizer.

Teahupoo (Tahiti), Zicatela (Mexico), The Box (Western Australia), Pipeline (Hawaii), El Gringo (Chile), South Coast (New South Wales), Fronton (Canary Islands), Nazare (Portugal) and Cave Rock (South Africa) are examples of the premier spots which IBA wants to explores.

The IBA Pty Ltd will continue to run events on the IBA World Tour, and the APB will oversee their operations and assist where needed to ensure the best outcome for the sport and the athletes.

The APB was formed with a paramount goal to control the direction of the sport and to represent the elite athletes as the established governing body. The APB will not run the world tour, but simply stabilize the sport.

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SECRET Harbour lifeguards have been called on to assist a teenager in distress this morning.SECRET Harbour lifeguards have been called on to assist a teenager in distress this morning.

SECRET Harbour lifeguards have been called on to assist a teenager in distress this morning.

The 14-year-old male was injured while bodyboarding at the local beach.

St John Ambulance was called and the boy was transferred to Rockingham Hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

He is understood to be in a stable condition.

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