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Danny MacAskill – Epecuén

Posted: June 2, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Bmx

Howdy Danger

Here is the latest trials edit from Danny MacAskill. If you’re not familiar with this dude, check out his other amazing videos on Red Bull’s youtube channel.

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Caroline Buchanan is a woman on a mission. In fact, several missions: to win back the World Cup title; to get back the BMX time trial world title and to defend her BMX rainbow jersey. And if that is not enough for one year, she has launched the “Team Buchanan Next Gen” back home in Australia to help promising young female talents.

That’s a lot on the plate of someone who is just 23 years of age, but as the seasoned athlete points out: “I’m the old one on the (Australian) team now. And anyway, I like pressure. I like having that target on my back.”

And there is no doubt that this year she is the one to beat. BMX Time Trial World Champion in 2012, BMX World Champion in 2013 and currently leading the 2014 World Cup, Buchanan wants all three titles this year. Since the second World Cup round in Papendal (NED) two weeks ago, she has remained in Europe with four other riders from the Australian BMX team. They are competing in some rounds of the European Championships and generally getting used to the more technical Supercross tracks in Europe.

Australian and Russian Federations training at WCC

The Australians are among the first Federations, along with the Russians, to book training time on the newly-constructed Supercross track that opened at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, just two weeks ago.

“It’s gorgeous,” says Buchanan. “We are making the most of being here before going to Berlin early to get used to their track.”

At the German round of the World Cup on June 13 and 14, Caroline will be racing with the leader’s jersey, which she has every intention of hanging on to. After winning the World Cup in 2012, she opted out of the series last year to concentrate on preparation for the Mountain Bike World Championships, where she claimed her third four-cross world title (after 2009 and 2010) and finished fifth in the downhill.

“Last year I just watched the BMX World Cup on video. It felt strange not doing the season but I learnt a lot sitting back and watching rather than being caught up in the action. I went into the World Championships relaxed but fit from my mountain bike training.”

New team for young female riders

Fifth in the London 2012 Olympic Games, Buchanan has her sights set on Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. By then, she will be 29, and dreams of being joined by the two foundation members of the new Team Buchanan Next Gen.

At the beginning of the year, the current World Champion chose two promising young Australian BMX riders, Paige Harding (10) and Mikayla Rose (13) to become the first members of her new team. The youngsters are among the best in their age group and are getting a much-needed boost from their role model. Thanks to a fundraising campaign led by the World Champion, they will compete in the challenge classes of the UCI World BMX Championships in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) in July.

“I want to give something back to the sport, to give these girls the opportunity to compete on the world stage and to gain the experience necessary to be champions of the future. It’s a question of opening up some doors for them, mentoring and getting sponsors behind them.

“I wanted girls with a lot of fight. For the moment there are two but I want to grow the team, and next year hope to add two more,” said the champion, a BMX rider since the tender age of five.

Photo: Caroline Buchanan was crowned World Champion in Auckland last year

In 2009, Danny MacAskill lit up overnight with the YouTube release of his Inspired Bicycles part. At 23, he’d emerged as the face of street trials riding, a blend of BMX and mountain bike in urban environments. It was visionary and it was bone-breaking, and he’d just broken himself pretty badly.

“I never went to anybody to get it diagnosed,” MacAskill says. “I just thought I had a sore back.”

He was young, and so he did what he’d always done: ride through it. Ride every day. Do crazy backflips off stuff.

But the problems began in 2010. That sore back worked its way down into his left leg, which then blossomed into knee pain, while at the same time weakening it—”a big problem,” he says. He ended up at a specialty center in Los Angeles for back surgery and a year’s recovery. It was a wake-up call for his health.

“I’m definitely a lot better than I was,” he says, “but backs are very complicated things.”

​Danny MacAskill's Balls-Out Biking Begins In The GymSEXPAND

Tricks like the seesaw front flip, from the upcoming Red Bull film “Epecuén,” are beautiful when they work, but seldom do they happen first try. You’re probably going to eat shit a few times, and the bigger the trick, the bigger the thumping you’re going to take and take and take.

“I’ve learned a lot about rehabilitation and keeping myself running smoothly,” MacAskill says. “And also pre-habilitation: making sure that my body is prepared to take that kind of knock in the wrong direction.”

MacAskill is 28 now. He’s broken his collarbone three times in six months. Surgery. He tore the hell out of his knee’s meniscus. Surgery. And his back is still squirrely. To be able to take the pounding, he, like a lot of other extreme athletes, is starting in the gym.

It’s not even about weights, he says: “All body-weight, lots of stretching, lots of function, just to make sure that I start strong and stable.” When he’s home in Edinburgh, Scotland, he’ll meet with a trainer four times a week. He now worries about things like hydration. While this might dispel the notion of the biker-bro out late binge drinking, it’s the reality for not just Tour de France cyclists but street trials riders as well.

“I’ve been riding a trials bike for 17 years and you kind of know what you can and can’t do,” MacAskill says. “You may as well dream big and then try to get that stuff done.”

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Sam Willoughby (AUS) and Laura Smulders (NED) were victorious today in rainy conditions at the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series in The Netherlands. It was Willoughby’s first Supercross event of the year and he managed to continue his strong pre-season form. In the Women class, the Dutch fans were able to celebrate Smulders’ win which made them forget it was wet all day.

Round two will go in the history books as that wet race with strong winds. These conditions make it difficult to even ride a supercross track let alone race it with seven other riders on the gate who all want to win. The organisation did everything within their power to dry the track and starting hill. Team managers and mechanics used all their bad-weather experience to help their riders do well. Tires were packed in thrash bags and towels were used to keep the grips dry. As the day went on, we saw more and more tricks to prepare the riders for a dry run. But the rain kept coming and the wind never stopped. But just like on Saturday, it was safe enough to continue with the race. The crowd came prepared and was thrilled by the action on the track.

With 64 riders in the Men class and 32 in the Women category, the day started off with three moto’s. After the three laps, half of the riders transferred to the next round. From then on, it was necessary to make it in the top four each time to get to the final race. When the girls lined up for the final, six countries were represented. The Netherlands and Team USA had two women on the gate. As soon as the gate dropped, it was Laura Smulders (NED) who jumped and sprinted to the first turn in first position. The crowd got on their feet as Laura continued to lead. Behind her, Felicia Stancil (USA) moved into second place followed by Australia’s Caroline Buchanan and Stefanny Hernandez (VEN). These two girls battled all the way to the finish line to see who managed to get the last spot on the podium. Laura was cheered on to finish first, followed by Stancil and Hernandez who won a personal battle with the current world champ. Smulders: “I was a little bit scared of the heavy wind because when you’re in the air and the wind blows you sideways, it’s not what you want to happen but it all worked out well today.”

Smulders now sits in second at the overall standings, 30 points behind Caroline Buchanan and 10 points ahead of Brooke Crain (USA).

As the rain came down hard, the gate dropped for the Men final. All eyes were on Twan van Gendt who started from the outside but cut off enough riders to make it into turn one in first place. On the inside were Australians Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean, but England’s Liam Phillips, who won round one in Manchester a few weeks earlier, put his bike in second place. Sam Willoughby was on a mission. He never settles for second place and started making a pass on Liam Phillips at the end of the second straight where the men section crossed the women track. With Liam now behind him, Sam’s favourite section of the track was coming up, the rhythm jumps on the third straight. Willoughby got next to van Gendt and by the end of the rollers, he was in first position. Van Gendt tried to counter but his legs were empty. He nearly got passed by Phillips at the finish line and also Anthony Dean was right there finishing in fourth. Sam Willoughby: “I picked gate number one which in hindsight wasn’t the best decision because I was slipping and sliding all over the place. It was a special race today on a track that held up fine. You’ll be seeing me at the remaining rounds of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cups. Despite the weather I had a good time racing supercross in Papendal.”

Liam Phillips (GBR) is now leading the World Cup series followed by Anthony Dean (AUS) and Connor Fields (USA).

Round two of the 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series will go down in the history book as one of the toughest SX races of all times. Next one up: Berlin, Germany. 13-14 June 2014.

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fter the season kick-off in Manchester, England, the world’s fastest BMX racers will take on the second round of the World Cup season in Papendal, the Netherlands. The permanent BMX track at the Dutch Olympic training grounds has been prepared to welcome the riders and fans alike. The proven outdoor location will host its fourth UCI World Cup race on the London-design track.

Last year’s winners Jelle van Gorkom (NED) and Mariana Pajon (COL) will both make a return to Papendal this weekend. Jelle van Gorkom is currently sitting in second place in the UCI ranking but had an off weekend in Manchester. In fact, neither one of the Dutch men made it further than the quarter finals in England but they’ll be ready for the competition on their home track. Current leader in the UCI Elite Women ranking Mariana Pajon missed out on the first World Cup SX round in England and has some catching up to do.

Strong competition in the men’s class can be expected from current Time Trial World Champion Connor Fields (USA) who also stands his own in any BMX race. Liam Phillips (GBR) is the current Elite Men World Champion and proved he’s on form by winning the first round on his own track in England only a few weeks ago. He has his mind set on the overall title in 2014. After winning many races in the pre-season and fresh off of a win at the Australian Championships, Sam Willoughby (AUS) has landed in the Netherlands to prove he can handle a supercross style track as well. And of course the Dutch BMX army, Twan van Gendt (NED) included, will use their home advantage, racing on a track they know better than anyone.

With Mariana Pajon back in the Women’s class it will be exciting to watch who is going to grab the win in Papendal. Caroline Buchanan (AUS) is happy to be back on the Supercross circuit and celebrated her first win in Manchester already. She is on a mission in 2014. But never count out home town favourite Laura Smulders (NED), especially not on a track she trains at all the time and in weather conditions that she is familiar with. Unfortunately Alise Post (USA) is out with an injury but fellow American Brooke Crain (USA) will take on the big jumps to collect points for Team USA.

The riders will have to deal with wind and possible rain in Papendal which might shake things up but will in no way detract from the competition. The time trials take place on Saturday, followed by the main races on Sunday.

Photo: Jelle van Gorkom is part of the Dutch team that will be looking to perform well for the home crowd.

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Eastbourne Extreme by Graham Huntley SUS-140425-095820001

The ever-popular Eastbourne Extreme sports festival is expected to draw in the crowds once again when it returns to the seafront this July.

Eastbourne residents will be treated to another exciting weekend of adrenalin-inducing displays after last year’s festival attracted more than 25,000 people over the two days.

This year, the event, which will be on July 12 and 13, is set to be even bigger, with attractions in Princes Park, Fort Fun car park, Eastern Promenade, the skate park, Fisherman’s Green and the surrounding beaches.

Set to entertain the crowds in 2014 are M.A.D, an established mountain bike stunt team and the Bourne Bombshells, the town’s resident roller derby team who will be hosting a national outdoor tournament at Eastbourne Extreme.

Also on show will be BMX and skate displays, performances by parkour group Urban Shadows and roller hockey.

On the water, attractions include windsurfing, paddle boarding and demonstrations of an exciting new watersport called JetLev, which propels people across the water using jets attached to their back.

The AirBag FreeDrop is also being brought to Eastbourne Extreme, which will give people the chance to jump from a tower onto the airbag below.

In addition, visitors can expect a zorb-arena, a new longer zip wire, a live music stage and a ‘Screen on the Green’ showing the Fifa world cup third-place match on Saturday evening and the world cup final on Sunday evening.

Senior head of tourism and leisure Tracey McNulty, said, “Eastbourne Extreme is a highlight in the events calendar and we look forward to all the urban sports activities over the weekend.

“The event is perfect for all ages and always has a great atmosphere.”

There is also the chance to indulge in taster sessions at Spray Water Sports or watch the slalom and freewave from UK Windsurfing.

Eastbourne Extreme takes place on July 12 and 13 on the Eastern end of the seafront and is free to attend.

For more information about the festival and its attractions, go to

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Eastbourne Extreme by Graham Huntley SUS-140425-095820001


A competitor performs an extreme motocross jump with the Shanghai skyline from the historic Bund area in Shanghai. (AFP)

To kick off the Kia World Extreme Games. (AFP)

The games will highlights nearly 200 of the best action sport athletes from almost 30 countries and regions. (AFP)

Competing in BMX freestyle, aggressive in-line, skateboarding, speed climbing and international freestyle motocross competition. (AFP)






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Face Partnership to bring new urban cycling event to Tobacco Dock

Cycling event organiser Face Partnership is launching a new event in partnership with BMX world champion Liam Phillips called Parkour Ride.

The inaugural event, which will take place in a specially designed multi-storey car park circuit in Tobacco Dock in Wapping on 4 October, will see rivals from the worlds of road cycling, mountain biking and BMX compete against one another.

Face Partnership, organisers of the Revolution Series and the London Nocturne, said the new urban race will transform the venue into an interactive space. The company will work with partners to design an audio and visual experience, using music, video and other technology to enhance the event production for riders and fans.

James Pope, managing director of Face Partnership, said: “Parkour Ride will be a multi-discipline head-to-head elimination race. Our vision is to create an urban race where amateurs race against pros, men race against women, BMX against mountain bikes and road bikes – all on the same circuit.

“We’ve been working closely with Liam on the format and the circuit layout. His input has been invaluable as we’ve developed the concept over the past year.”

Phillips added: “Parkour Ride is a hugely innovative concept and I feel honoured to be a part of the team. From the location to the dynamics of the circuit, it will be such a great experience for all taking part.”

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