GoPro Footage Captures Wingsuit Pilot Showing Off Some Insane Skills

Posted: January 27, 2016 by sykosekobus in Uncategorized

Wingsuit pilot Roberta Mancino is not a person you would want to take on in a staring contest. She would win, and we know this because she’s stared down two enormous skyscrapers and then flown between them, all while wearing nothing more than a onesie that makes her look like a flying squirrel.

Captured on (you guessed it) a GoPro, Mancino throws herself out of a helicopter in Panama City, Panama and then undertakes one of those mind-boggling stunts that only works if you can detach yourself from any realm of reality that involves fear.


What we find so astonishing is the look of abject joy on her face – thousands of years of evolution just out of the window because when faced with two rapidly approaching painful ways to die she simply shakes it off and goes straight between them.

Impressively (aside from the entire video) at the last minute she’s hit with what appears to be a rogue gust of wind resulting in some frankly superhuman reflexes.

Right, enough gushing from us, watch it, be extremely impressed and then be thankful that you’ve got two feet firmly on the ground.


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