‘Wingsuit’ daredevils drop 1,400 metres in stunning clip

Posted: June 20, 2014 by kirisyko in Base Jumping, SykOtic
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Eager for the ultimate adrenalin rush, the duo decided to jump from the top of the Tianmen mountain in China – despite the extreme sport being banned at the risky location.

The nerve-shredding footage shows the pair soaring alongside a 6km cable line – the longest in the world.

Incredibly, Russian divers, Ratmir Nagimianov, 29, and Gleb Vorevodin, 35, managed to get a mere ten metres away from the cable carts, giving Chinese tourists an unlikely surprise.

The whacky wingsuiters were forced to make split-second life or death decisions as they hurtled downwards.


 A wingsuit pilots shoots towards the ground in China[CATERS]

Mr Nagimianov said: “The view was just amazing, it was great to see the tourist buses driving around the curves of the road.

“There is an aerial lift which you can take to get the top of the Tianmen mountain, we were aiming to fly as close the cable carts as possible.

“Because of the high and speed of the initial jump, it was incredibly difficult to line up with the cable carts.

“But on the second jump we got really close, I’d say we were about five metres away.

 The incredible view as one of the wingsuited daredevils flies down from off Tianmen mountain [CATERS]

“We found out that jumps from this area are banned two days before our trip but it was too late to cancel so we knew we just had to go and try, we were constantly worried that someone would stop us from jumping.”

He said it was an “incredible experience” and even though it looks amazing on camera, the footage “really doesn’t do it justice”.

Colombian skydiver Jhonathan Florez set the world record for the highest altitude jump in a wingsuit in April, 2012.

He leapt 11,358 metres only a day after he had set the record for the longest wingsuit flight, after remaining airborne for nine minutes and six seconds.

Wingsuit flying dates as far back as 1930, when 19-year-old American Rex Finney used a suit to increase horizontal movement and maneuverability during a parachute jump.

 The sky divers could see tourist buses as they flew down the mountain [CATERS]


see more:http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/482794/VIDEO-Wingsuit-daredevils-drop-1-400-metres-in-stunning-clip

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