Zipline Superman

Posted: June 10, 2014 by kirisyko in Balance

Provinciano Natural

marvs 56 braving through fears, fly like superman @ Ugong Rock Zipline, Palawan

It’s now or never. One of the forced entries to my bucket list “must do before I die”. Thank God I didn’t lost my green slippers among the trees and ricefield below. In a group of seven, I’m the first to hit hanging on the line and to zip like Superman at Ugong Rock, Palawan.  So I literally have seen the cold morning wind wheezing through my face. Adrenalin rush and heart thumping kind of adventure. And it’s an adventure risk worth taking.

Some trivia on this, it is an eco-tourism venture through ABS CBN Foundation and  the Tagabenit Community Tourist Association through its Community Based Sustainable Tourism. Ugong Rock is a freestanding limestone formation also popular as a tourist destination for caving, spelunking and rock climbing apart from ziplining.

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