Cycling enthusiasts make road and mountain bikes out of wood and bamboo

Posted: June 2, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike
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The Argus: Peter Charnaud, left, and Richard Dowdeswell with the special bikes

Peter Charnaud, left, and Richard Dowdeswell with the special bikes

TWO cycling enthusiasts have proven their passion in a unique way – by making their very own road and mountain bikes out of wood and bamboo.

While other road bikes have been constructed from wood, the full-suspension mountain bike is thought to be a world first.

Brainchild of the invention, Peter Charnaud, of Southwick, said his motivation behind the creation was the desire to “do something different”.

In addition to the mountain bike, Mr Charnaud also made a road bike out of the same wood.

The other cycle fanatic John Lewis, of Findon, constructed his “road hybrid” bike from bamboo grown in Fittleworth, near Chichester.

Mr Charnaud, 56, said: “They’re not the easiest things to make, but then again it’s rewarding to make and to use wood which has at one time been growing and living.

“They are practical but aesthetically pleasing.”

He added: “I usually use London Plane wood, which is what they used in the war to build aeroplanes – it’s very strong wood with a lovely grain to it – then either walnut or elm which is dark but strong.”

The bikes took around one month to make from used parts from bicycle shop Cyclelife Shoreham.

“I was telling a customer about the bamboo bike and Mr Charnaud happened to be there. He brought down his road bike and it was a work of art.

“He had even matched the grain on both sides of the bike, which is what they do with the wood panelling for Bentley interiors.”

“It’s the ultimate eco-friendly recycling.”

The bamboo bike is currently on display in the shop in Kingston Broadway and Mr Dowdeswell hopes to have the mountain bike on display from mid-June. See for more images.



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