Pole Fitness Isn’t Just For Strippers.

Posted: May 29, 2014 by kirisyko in Fitness and Training, SykOtic

There's Sunshine on Rainy Days

“Pole dancing.” What’s the first thing that came to mind? Probably strippers, right? That’s okay, that’s what I thought at first too. But you’re wrong (sorta). A friend of mine got certified in pole dancing, bought herself a pole, & introduced me to this wonderful “fitness.” It’s a new trend that’s rapidly growing- it’s addicting! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before or even thought about every pole dancing, it’s something you should try.

There are thousands of YouTube videos that show you tricks and dances for any level, DVD’s you can order online to help you expand your moves, and local classes that are offered at studios. Google it, you’ll be surprised at how any there are near you.

Pole Dancing is about..

  • grace
  • strength
  • flow
  • contortion
  • flexibility
  • art

While getting into the pole fitness, you discover what your body can do. And even though you may…

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