Terrifying moment freeclimber defies death by dangling from a crane at the South Bank

Posted: May 28, 2014 by kirisyko in Climbing, Free Climbing
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Freeclimber James Kingston scales the crane

This is the moment freeclimber James Kingston dangled from a crane high above the South Bank Tower.

Kingston, 23, used a helmet-mounted camera to capture his climb after he broke into the building site around the tower, which is currently being refurbished.

When the tower’s re-development is complete, it will be 41 storeys and 155 metres high.

Kingston undertook the climb earlier this month at about 5am and then descended safely, apparently without being spotted by security.

The film is available on the Epic TV online extreme sports channel. It shows him climbing at sunrise to reach dizzying heights with spectacular early-morning views over the City of London.

Dazzling views: Kingston filmed the City at sunrise before dangling from the craneTo reach the point from which he tantalisingly dangles, Kingston leaps from ledge to ledge and scales a crane using nothing but his bare hands and trainers for grip.

Earlier this year, Kingston appeared in a Channel 4 documentary on urban free climbing in which he travelled to Ukraine and held a local climber one-handed from the top of a bridge.

The “professional adventurer”, from Hampshire, maintains he never undertakes climbs unless he is sure he will not fall.

He told London Live: “It’s something about hanging from a crane that is very attractive to me.

“I’m 100 per cent sure that I will not fall. The only thing that would cause me to die is if I would let go.

“There’s no way the wind would blow my grip off.”

Kingston has appeared in Channel 4 documentary Don’t Look Down, and has previously travelled to Ukraine and held a local climber one-handed from the top of a bridge.

Hanging loose: James Kingston dangles high above the South BankHe told The Times earlier this year: “I don’t want to seem like some crazy adrenalin-junkie dude, because that’s really not what I am.

“I make sure I can do things on the ground hundreds of times before I go up. I get to a point where there is no doubt in my mind about whether my body will fail.”

see more:http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/video-freeclimber-defies-death-by-dangling-from-crane-south-bank-9443225.html

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