That’s a dam high wall! Thrill-seekers scale 540ft man-made challenge dubbed ‘the Everest of wall climbing’

Posted: May 20, 2014 by kirisyko in Bouldering, Climbing, Rock Climbing

Fearless daredevils scale the world’s highest man-made climbing wall – a 540ft dam dubbed ‘the Everest of wall climbing’.

The Diga di Luzzone is one of the toughest climbing challenges on the planet, and rewards thrill-seekers with a spectacular view of the Alps at the top.

Climbers have turned the Luzzone dam into a climbing wall by adding holds to its face.

Those aiming to conquer the dam even need to use a ladder to get up the first 20ft of the wall, which has five pitches in total.

Don’t look down! The mammoth climbing task isn’t for the faint-hearted. (Caters)
Done it! A weary climber celebrates after reaching the top. (Caters)
Stomach-turning: The huge challenge is known as ‘the Everest of climbing walls’. (Caters)

By complete exposure to the elements the climb almost feels natural – despite the applause from people at the top of the dam.

Ilana Marcus, 31, a climber from Germany who works for website Thrillseekers Anonymous, said: ‘The climbing was very smooth and fun.


‘The most memorable part of this climb may have very well been the start and finish.

‘Obtaining the ladder to access the route and then having to put it away while on route was an experience not to be forgotten.

‘Topping out the climb to an audience of tourists watching your every move and perhaps anticipating the possibility of an exciting fall was quite memorable.

‘Usually I climb in remote places, where the only cheering is in my head, so it was a pleasant change to have a group of people just as excited as us climbers.’

see more:–thrill-seekers-scale-540ft-man-made-challenge-dubbed–the-everest-of-wall-climbing-105707296.html#b5VrJSE

  1. betunada says:

    i think my climbing frenz would go nuts to hear about this! (o wait: i suspect they already know. ) but for non-climbing me: thanks! verrrry interesting !

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