Looking for your First Mountain Bike

Posted: May 20, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Mountain Biking


The excitement of mountain biking is overwhelming and is gaining popularity all the time. Like everything else, it becomes more pleasurable if you have the right equipment.


Deciding on which is the ‘right’ bike for you always depends on several aspects. Questions that need to be answered are how often do you ride, what type of mountain terrain you do ride in regularly and how much can you afford?

Full Suspension vs. Front Suspension


This means choosing between a front suspension bike that includes only a shock absorber on the front wheel, and a full suspension bike which contains shock absorbers on both wheels.

Surprisingly, this is one time where less is more.

Biking trails in higher elevations can range from flat to long steep climbs. A full suspension bike becomes difficult to when the terrain contains steep and long climbs.

A front suspension bike tends to perform better in…

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