Addicted to Adrenaline

Posted: May 20, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic

CHENNAI: Summer and adventure sports have a lot in common. And while the options are limited, they’re not absent, “People want to challenge themselves to see what they are capable of. Sometimes, they just need a change from the regular outings,” says Major S R Roy, proprietor of Adventure Zone — among the few places in the world that caters to the physically challenged to experience this speed and thrill. The best about it he claims, is that no prior training is required to be undertaken by people to enjoy offbeat sports like parasailing, rappelling, jeeping and rock climbing.

Paintball is yet another team-based adventure sport that has gained popularity over the last five years. Started in the year 2009 by Naveen Nandakumar who trains national paintball teams, Headshot is an international standard paintball facility, “The number of people taking an interest in paintball has grown steadily over the years. Most of them find it exciting because it is modelled on the commando-style operation in the army,” says Albert, who manages the operations of Headshot.

Not only do these games guarantee an adrenaline rush, but are often used for as a training tool for corporates as well. “Completing the adventure task gives employees the confidence that they can handle tough situations. Adventure activities like swing walk and parallel rope walk almost 20 feet from the ground are the most popular,” says Govindan, an adventure sports guide at Chariot Neighbourhood, Mahabalipuram.

Adventure-themed weekend gateways are also becoming increasing popular in the city with most places like the Wild Tribe Ranch offering accommodation. While Adventure Zone has air conditioned Swiss-style cottages, Chariot Neighbourhood is a part of Chariot Resort. Contrary to popular perception, it’s not just for teens, Albert says, “Age is just a number. When we see 50-year-olds playing paintball, the game brings out the child in them. In the last one year, we’ve seen so many senior citizens having fun!”

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