Tough Mudder Diver in Critical Condition

Posted: May 19, 2014 by kirisyko in Injuries, News, Obstacle racing, SykOtic
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Rescue professional saved by a firefighter at “Walk the Plank,” an obstacle implicated in the 2013 death of a Tough Mudder participant.

Tough Mudder’s “Walk the Plank” obstacle (pictured) has been the scene of some problems.    Photo: The 621st Contingency Response W

A rescue diver is in critical condition after being pulled Saturday from a “Walk the Plank” obstacle at a Tough Mudder in Mansfield, Ohio. Cleveland’s reports that Bret Buike, a former firefighter who was participating in the event, noticed the diver looked ill and jumped into the water, bringing him to safety.

“As soon as we saw that he was unresponsive everybody kind of sprung into action and I jumped in the water and helped push him over to the side along with a couple other lifeguards, there’s about three of them there, and right away we started CPR, got his wet suit off… we were lucky that there was a physician who was a spectator and two emergency room doctors who were participants,” Buike told

This news comes less than a month after Tough Mudder was named as a defendantin a wrongful death lawsuit for the drowning of the 28-year-old Avishek Sengupta, which occurred on the “Walk the Plank” obstacle of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Tough Mudder. The obstacle “requires participants to plunge from a 15-foot platform into a deep pool of frigid, muddy water, then swim forty feet to a cargo net, where they exit the pool.” reports that last year’s Tough Mudder event in Mansfield, Ohio went smoothly, and that “nearly 9,000 people are expected to participate during this year’s weekend-long event.”

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