Giro d’Italia: Eyes of the world on Northern Ireland

Posted: May 9, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Road cycling
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Giro d'Italia launches in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. Matt Mackey/Presseye

Giro d’Italia launches in the grounds of Belfast City Hall. Matt Mackey/Presseye

The Giro d’Italia is unparalleled as one of the world’s most iconic cycling events.

Over the next few days, more than 140,000 visitors are expected to descend on Northern Ireland, with 42,000 of those coming from outside the country.

They will all be battling for the best spot to watch around 200 of the world’s toughest cyclists from more than 30 countries – together with their technical teams and sponsors – storm in to Belfast. The race is set to attract massive international media coverage. According to the organisers, last year’s Giro was broadcast in 174 countries, reaching 125 million households and a global audience of about 775 million people.

More than one billion unique users on websites across the world followed the 2013 Giro d’Italia 2013.

And let’s not forget the scores of media Press teams arriving in their droves to capture every second of the event. Going on last year’s figures, there will be approximately 1,595 journalists, including 463 photographers from around the world. This year marks the 97th staging of the race, which started in May 1909. Since 1996, the country hosting the Big Start has changed every other year.

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