2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: second stop Papendal

Posted: May 9, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Bmx, News
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fter the season kick-off in Manchester, England, the world’s fastest BMX racers will take on the second round of the World Cup season in Papendal, the Netherlands. The permanent BMX track at the Dutch Olympic training grounds has been prepared to welcome the riders and fans alike. The proven outdoor location will host its fourth UCI World Cup race on the London-design track.

Last year’s winners Jelle van Gorkom (NED) and Mariana Pajon (COL) will both make a return to Papendal this weekend. Jelle van Gorkom is currently sitting in second place in the UCI ranking but had an off weekend in Manchester. In fact, neither one of the Dutch men made it further than the quarter finals in England but they’ll be ready for the competition on their home track. Current leader in the UCI Elite Women ranking Mariana Pajon missed out on the first World Cup SX round in England and has some catching up to do.

Strong competition in the men’s class can be expected from current Time Trial World Champion Connor Fields (USA) who also stands his own in any BMX race. Liam Phillips (GBR) is the current Elite Men World Champion and proved he’s on form by winning the first round on his own track in England only a few weeks ago. He has his mind set on the overall title in 2014. After winning many races in the pre-season and fresh off of a win at the Australian Championships, Sam Willoughby (AUS) has landed in the Netherlands to prove he can handle a supercross style track as well. And of course the Dutch BMX army, Twan van Gendt (NED) included, will use their home advantage, racing on a track they know better than anyone.

With Mariana Pajon back in the Women’s class it will be exciting to watch who is going to grab the win in Papendal. Caroline Buchanan (AUS) is happy to be back on the Supercross circuit and celebrated her first win in Manchester already. She is on a mission in 2014. But never count out home town favourite Laura Smulders (NED), especially not on a track she trains at all the time and in weather conditions that she is familiar with. Unfortunately Alise Post (USA) is out with an injury but fellow American Brooke Crain (USA) will take on the big jumps to collect points for Team USA.

The riders will have to deal with wind and possible rain in Papendal which might shake things up but will in no way detract from the competition. The time trials take place on Saturday, followed by the main races on Sunday.

Photo: Jelle van Gorkom is part of the Dutch team that will be looking to perform well for the home crowd.

see more:http://www.uci.ch/Modules/ENews/ENewsDetails2011.asp?id=OTk2OQ&MenuId=MTYzMDQ&LangId=1&BackLink=%2Ftemplates%2FUCI%2FUCI8%2Flayout%2Easp%3FMenuId%3DMTYzMDQ%26LangId%3D1

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