10 Urban Parks Around the World That are Great for Runners

Posted: May 9, 2014 by kirisyko in Adventure Travel, Fitness and Training, Marathon, SykOtic

If you’re an urban dweller, chances are that you have a green space to escape to for a dose of the outdoors, and if you’re an urban runner then you really have an appreciation for those spaces, especially if there are trails. Even if you like running on pavement, there’s something entirely different about being on a trail, breathing in fresh air instead of exhaust and dodging the occasional off-leash dog as opposed to sidewalks full of pedestrians. A run in an urban park can certainly be your daily dose of oasis.

The same thing goes when you’re traveling. Even while enjoying a metropolis, you might crave a run or a walk in the park. And if so, here are 10 cities that have what you need.

1. Forest Park – Portland, Oregon

With more than 80 miles of trails, it’s no wonder that an escape to Forest Park can immediately make you feel like you’ve completely left the city. It’s popular with trail runners, and if you’re up for a real challenge, you can take on the 30 mile Wildwood Trail, or break it up into a more manageable section.

2. Central Park – New York City, New York

If you’re a runner, you go to visit New York City and you don’t even get in a short run at Central Park, then you’ve done something wrong. Everyone should run here at least once in their lives. There is a lot of pavement in Central Park, but you can definitely find a trail, like Bridle Path.

3. Bois de Boulogne – Paris, France

Join the other active Parisians and head to Bois de Boulogne for a city escape. On sunny days, especially weekends, this is where the locals go to run, walk, bike and picnic. It’s a nice change from the fast pace of daily Parisian life, and in a city that’s not often known for its running culture, you’ll find a lot of like-minded souls.

4. Stanley Park – Vancouver, Canada

Welcoming 8 million people every year, Stanley Park is Vancouver’s green oasis. The park’s 120 miles of trails give you a good dose of the British Columbia environment without leaving town (although you should do that too). If you want to run on a paved route, there’s the Seawall path which extends around the perimeter of the park and back into town.

5. Presidio – San Francisco, California

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/10-urban-parks-around-the-world-that-are-great-for-runners.html#ixzz31D8nlOCi

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