Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival to kick off American Windsurfing Tour

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AWT PWA JP Aloha Classic
2013 AWT PWA JP Aloha Classic ­© AWT/Si Crowther

American Windsurfing Tour action begins next month – starting with the Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival. Action commences June 5th and continues through June 8th. There will be a chance to win big thanks to Goya Windsurfing who have put up a $10,000 Prize Fund for their title event and the start of the 2014 Tour.

The first Wold Cup events at Waddell date back to 1983. Here are past know winners:

1983 Robby Naish
1984 Robby Naish
1986 Doug Mack / Ian Boyd
1987 Mark Angulo
1994 Kai Katchadourian
1995 Josh Angulo
2000 Francisco Goya
2011 Nathan Mershon – W:Ingrid Larouche / Youth: Bernd Roediger
2012 Levi Siver – Ingrid Larouche / Youth: Harley Stone
2013 Marcilio Browne – Ingrid Larouche / Youth: Fiona Wylde

Straight after the Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival we will all pile in our cars and make the road trip north up to Gold Beach, Oregon for the Pistol River Wave Bash (12th to 15th June). Always one to mix it up a little AWT Tour Director Sam Bittner has announced a Country and Western theme for the event so bring your cowboy boots and get ready for a showdown in Gold Beach on and off the water.

We will take a month off from Tour before heading to South America for the third annual AWT Pacasmayo Classic in Peru (3rd-10th August). Competitors will be hosted by Jaime at El Faro Resort, which is one of the major sponsors for the event. Those looking for the longest waves in the world and a unique cultural opportunity should reserve their rooms now at a special AWT rate. The cost of the overall trip is actually very reasonable. Chris Freeman will be leading an info presentation at the Santa Cruz event and will be on hand to answer specific questions.

Sam Bittner at the 2013 AWT PWA Aloha Classic ­© AWT/Si Crowther

Staff and riders will be leaving Lima (probably after a trip to Machu Picchu) and heading straight San Diego for the drive down to San Carlos, Baja. The Punta San Carlos Quatro Desert Showdown (16th – 23rd August). The Baja events have been special contests with an intimate group of 50 competitors, book early to reserve your spot.

Punta San Carlos boasts some of the most incredible waves on the planet, perfectly formed and easy to exploit, Baja is the home of Solo Sports which offer a heavenly like experience for the extreme sports athlete, bike, SUP, surf, run in the morning and then windsurf until dusk with a hot and healthy meal and ample Baja Fogs waiting for you.

Many also choose to camp and experience the full desert experience sleeping next to the famous break. If you are looking to do Baja on a budget and don’t have people to go with do get in touch and we’ll put you in touch with others who are looking to do the same or those with advice on surviving the trip!

September brings our East Coast event and we are pleased to announce that Starboard have stepped up as the title sponsor of the Hatteras Wave Jam. Hatteras can deliver both port and starboard tack wave sailing and a range of wind so bring your big boards. For those of you who have not made the trip East you might be surprised to hear that the water is actually the warmest spot on the Tour, yes the water is warmer than Maui and the waves are beautiful!

The final event of the year is the infamous Aloha Classic on Maui at Ho’okipa Beach Park. The AWT will once again be partnering with the PWA for an epic finale to the 2014 tours. Top ranked pros from the AWT will advance to the PWA, we all know how well the riders did last year with 4 AWT riders in the top five of the PWA ranking and many causing upsets all through the ladder. This year may be a different picture; many of the PWA’s European based riders have been spending more time in Hawaii this winter and are bringing an impressive display. The 2014 Aloha Classic therefore promises to be one of the best ever shows in windsurfing history with AWT and PWA heavy weights classing on a level playing field, may the most radical, most progressive and most dedicated riders take glory!

“When the 2013 season concluded at the Aloha Classic last November the Santa Cruz event seemed so very far away. Now as I prepare to fly home to Hawaii after a SUP trip to Australia I realize that after just three short weeks it will be time for me to head back to California for final Tour preparations and start a six month wave sailing extravaganza which will take in three continents and unite riders from all over the world. Being my fourth season of involvement with the AWT, I reflect back to see what the Tour has already given me and am excited for the challenges that lie ahead. The message from me is clear, we are incredibly lucky to be part of something which even Keynes would agree is bigger than the sum of its parts and we all have an important part to play in the eventual success of Sam’s wonderful windsurfing tour.” Chris Freeman (AWT Head Judge / Owner Black Project Fins)

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