Belfast Marathon.

Posted: May 7, 2014 by kirisyko in Marathon, SykOtic


Day 2 of 2, event 2 of 2, and hopefully a PB 2 of 2! This was my feelings on Monday morning as my alarm went off at 6am. A tad tired from Sundays triathlon, so I thought 1 slap on the snooze button would be fine, WRONG! I had actually turned it off and ended up running late to get ready. Eddie was the driver for today, and as I ran around the house trying to sort out my porridge I heard the car horn tooting outside. Opps!

Finally on our way, John, Davey, Ryan, Eddie and myself all sipping water en route and chatting of how we hoped our race will go. Excitement and nerves bundled into 1, there really is no feeling quite like it.

Arriving in Belfast, the skys looked dark, the wind was picking up a little, and we tried turning our nervous energy into…

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