Scorched earth – sandboarding Cerro Negro and drinking flor de cane

Posted: May 6, 2014 by kirisyko in Boarding, Sand Boarding

Greek Beach Bum


When the thermometer hits the mid-30’s Celsius you can feel the heat. You breath the heat, it envelopes you like a cloud and there is no escape. For some it is an uncomfortable experience and for others it’s better avoided altogether. I love it! heat me up baby, give me the maximum! Leon, Nicaragua is a place that delivers the “Heat” and when it reaches it’s peak at about 2pm, make sure you are by a pool or cold shower, maybe even a blasting fan because otherwise you won’t be a “happy camper”. Nica is delivering not only heat, but nice meals and spectacularly low prices, a laid-back vibe, fresh fruit juice to die for, and hospitable people as well. Best of all, they produce their own rum here: Flor de cane! It’s refreshing and light and is just what the doctor ordered when the sun starts to set on…

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