Martyn Ashton a Mountain Biking Legend

Posted: May 1, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Mountain Biking

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Martyn is an international mountain bike trials legend, ex-World Champion and star of the Road Bike Party YouTube sensation.

Martyn Ashton - Hub 2009 Photo by Anthony Willett

Born in 1974, Martyn Ashton is a British mountain bike trial rider and team manager. Ashton began riding professionally 20-years ago. Before that, he started in the world of Motorcycle trial competing at national schoolboy and international levels. But soon as bike trial really kicked off in 1990, he felt drawn to this new sport.

Bike trials is a bicycle sport where the rider must maneuver and balance it on in order to complete the objective of passing through especially designed artificial or natural  sections with as little physical contact with the ground as possible, hence obtaining minimum penalty points, according to

This sport gained more popularity recently thanks to YouTube and great videos that show amazing acrobatic styles ​​by professional bike riders as Martyn Ashton…

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