VIDEO: Utah mom’s “Baby booty bump” goes viral

Posted: April 30, 2014 by kirisyko in Fitness and Training, SykOtic

LEHI– Summer Knowlden, a former BYU student, has become an internet sensation. In the video description on YouTube, she said “I decided to enter an online dance off for moms, but was a little hesitant about posting a clip of me dancing on the Internet. I wanted to practice a little before and this is an outtake from my ‘warm-up.’ It’s too good not to share!!”

On her Facebook page, she added “I didn’t win the original competition I entered it in, but it sure makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I’ve made so many people literally laugh out loud! Here’s hoping it’ll go viral and I’ll make money off my embarrassment.” The video had more than 30,000 views in its first two days on YouTube.

As far as the baby goes? She added, “Our daughter didn’t even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All…

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