Paintball is Serious Business

Posted: April 24, 2014 by kirisyko in Paintball, SykOtic

1 Lucky Son

Did your friends ever invite you to paintballing a weekend and you were a little bit scared, because you had never been before? Of course you didn’t. You’re all about that adventurous, adrenaline and endorphin-filled lifestyle. We know you pretty well by now. Even if you weren’t scared to go paintballing, we’re sure you complained a little bit when you got home and you had bruises galore from the pressure of the being shot by a paintball gun. Well, we found a few guys who are a little bit more hardcore than you…these dudes participated in the Paintball World Cup and this video is insane. They all look like they could be in the army or some sort of special ops team (except for that guy vomming in the beggining of the video…) How gnarly is that? Do you think you’ve got it in you to get to that paintballing…

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