Surfing With Wind

Posted: April 23, 2014 by kirisyko in Kitesurfing, Water

Good Vibes & Open Eyes

IMG_9482r A kite expo in Long Beach

When I tell people about kiteboarding, they usually display immediate confusion.  Kiteboarding is a globally performed sport all around the world, but is not as well known to the public as much as regular surfing.

IMG_9465f Deciding which boards and kite to demo

Kiteboarding is surfing on the water, by being pulled with the stamina of a large kite.  Unlike surfing, kiteboarding doesn’t depend on waves or swells, but wind.  It requires gear such as a board, a harness, and a kite, with many lines that connect elements in between.  Any board is functionable to use: a surfboard or a kiteboard(which come in many different shapes, sizes and styles.)  Kite sizes are labeled by numbers 6-14, low numbers for a great amount of wind, and higher numbers for less wind.

Both my brother and my dad are super passionate about the sport.  They both do it for fun and for…

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