Parkour vs BMX: How popular is Parkour compared to other extreme sports?

Posted: April 23, 2014 by kirisyko in Balance, Bike, Bmx, Free Running, Parkour

london traceur

Here at The London Traceur, we know there’s nothing better than listening to some great tunes and practicing our Parkour. We’re sure it’s the best sport out there, but we wanted to see if the public agreed with us.

To find this out, we looked at which extreme sport gets the most hits on Youtube, to see what people are really watching.

Combined audience of the top 10 viewed videos on Youtube by keyword (click on the image for greater detail)

Parkour graph

It looks like we were right! Parkour are significantly ahead in terms of Youtube hits, with 222 million views. Freerunning is a not-very-close second, with 113 million, and snowboarding brings up the rear, with only 17 million. The table below shows the exact breakdown.

Parkour 222,688,664
Freerunning 113,072,699
Skateboarding 73,992,745
Surfing 70,457,389
Mountain biking 69,328,950
BMX 39,835,564
Snowboarding 17,145,817

Keep up the good work traceurs, and for…

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