Skateboarding without legs – Inspirational

Posted: April 22, 2014 by kirisyko in Boarding, Skate boarding

the seven roads

Inspiration to start your week with.

We personally talk a lot about how many things we want to do, and how many things we want to learn. Excuses come and go very fast, you need to teach yourself discipline, determination and planning skills. Things that also slip through our minds. A lot of people don’t realize what determination can do. If you have a ‘disability’ or something physical that’s blocking you, you see no other choice than to be creative and work with the tools you have. Italo Romano shows that even without legs he can skateboard better than some people with legs. You can see his successes, but also his frustrations in this video when something goes wrong. Although he can’t build up speed as much as people do with legs and such, it doesn’t stop him from still doing what he loves.
And he is not the only…

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