Halo Belt 2.0 Saves Lives, Makes Nighttime Running, Cycling Safe for All

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Halo Belt

As if the original Halo Belt, successfully released back in the summer of 2012, wasn’t enough to help decrease the number of pedestrian deaths on the road each year, the new and improved Halo Belt 2.0makes nighttime activities brighter, safer and much more cost effective for nighttime enthusiasts.

Vincent Pilot Ng, creator of the original Halo Belt, Halo Zero Messenger Bag and Halo Mini for Pets, decided it was time to upgrade the original Halo Belt—making it brighter, more water resistant and rechargeable via micro USB, all at a lower cost to the consumer. The new LED illuminated safety belt is adjustable for waist sizes ranging from 0-46, so its great for anyone from children to adults. Not only can the belt be secured around the waist for optimum nighttime visibility, but it can also be slung over the shoulder, attached to a backpack/messenger bag or even used as a light source during roadside emergencies.

“By purchasing these raw materials in large volumes, we have been able to redesign and upgrade the Halo Belt 2.0 with a rechargeable lithium battery at a fraction of the cost from when we initially started,” says Ng to his supporters. “We then pass these savings on to you. With a goal of merging safety, fashion and culture into an essential everyday product, we strive to design innovative products to help make this world a safer place.”

Ng set his Kickstarter funding goal to $10,000 and reached it in just over 24 hours of launching his campaign. Once the project’s original funding goal was met, Ng took suggestions from his supporters, asking how he could make the new Halo Belt 2.0 even better. He decided that once the project reached $100,000 in funding, he would be able to redesign Halo Belt 2.0’s battery housing/molding to be more water resistant. At the time, the battery component could not be submerged under water, but the Halo Belt team wanted to make the housing secure enough to withstand downpours and extreme weather.

Over the next couple of weeks, Ng’s project not only reached its stretch goal, but blew past it. At this point in time, the Halo Belt 2.0 has raised over $115,000 and Ng has just announced a new stretch goal of $150,000. Once the new stretch goal is met, he will be able to add a small compartment to Halo Belt 2.0 where users can keep a house key, money or credit card—one of the most popular requests.

To pre-order Halo Belt 2.0 today for just $35, and support Ng’s campaign for making the world a safer place, visithttp://bit.ly/halobelt2KS. Like Halo Belt on Facebook and Follow Halo Belt on Twitter @halobelt to stay up to date with campaign announcements and learn about contest and more.


Halo Belt Company is a San Francisco based start-up funded by Kickstarter in August of 2012. Over the past two years, the company has expanded the business in safety all over the globe and is now in markets such as law enforcement, cycling, running, children safety, skiing, hiking, motorist, roadside safety, airport traffic safety, extreme sports and military. Using consumer feedback, Halo Belt has designed Halo Belt 2.0 to be a versatile tool that will provide visibility safety in all of these avenues. To learn more, visit http://www.halobelt.com.

see more:http://www.prweb.com/releases/halobelt2/kickstarter/prweb11779724.htm

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