Helmet Cam Captures Death-Defying Mountain Bike Ride Down Narrow, Rocky Cliff

Posted: April 17, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike, Mountain Biking
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The moment before this daredevil racer drives his bike over the steep, rock-lined cliff edge, you can hear him suck in a deep breath.

Before watching the video, I suggest you do the same.


Geoff Gulevich’s endorphin-hyped run through the Red Bull Rampage race was captured from the racer’s point of view, and the sights are just part of the amazing video.

Onlookers shout “C’mon Gully!” throughout the ride and ask the gutsy biker how the wind is treating him.

With deep, shaky breaths, he responds, “I don’t like that wind.”

How do you know he's airborne? Check the shadow. Top Right. (Image via YouTube).

But the video, and the rider, keeps going. For another full minute he slides, rolls and twists down the rocky mountain trail, at one point along a wooden bridge that seems a little less than stable.

One muttered “Whoa,” is the strongest reaction the video captures out of Gulevich during the ride; clearly he was focused on staying on top of the bike rather than narrating the scenery.

Enjoy a little subjective vertigo and watch the video below:

see more:http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/16/helmet-cam-captures-death-defying-mountain-bike-ride-down-narrow-rocky-cliff/

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