Meet the adventure legend that is Mike Horn

Posted: April 16, 2014 by kirisyko in Adventure Travel, Climbing, SykOtic, Water, Winter
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Mike Horn posing for a frosty portrait.
© Sebastian Devenish/Mike Horn

There are not many adventurers who are living legends, but Mike Horn is one of them. He’s circumnavigated the globe along the equator, swum the Amazon, trekked to the North Pole in winter and recently taken to climbing 8,000m mountains for relaxation. Just before setting off on his latest expedition to Makalu, he explains why the slow slog of high altitude mountaineering agrees with him and what to do when a polar bear sits on you.

Mike Horn conquering the bad polar weather conditions.
In 1997 Mike descended 4,350 miles of the Amazon© Sebastian Devenish/Mike Horn

What do you eat for breakfast?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if your stomach is really full your day can’t go wrong. In the Arctic I would eat oatmeal with brown sugar, olive oil, and full double cream powdered milk because I needed the calories. More and more people should have proper breakfasts and they would walk out of the house with a smile on their face instead of feeling shit all day.

Mike Horn hicking over the polar ice.
Jungles, poles and peaks: Mike has done them all © Sebastian Devenish/Mike Horn

Ocean, pole, jungle or mountain. What’s next?
I’m on my way to the 8,463m peak of Makalu. I thought I’d like to relax a little bit! Hopefully I’ll get to Base Camp on April 18 and summit during the weather window between May 16-26. I’m taking a glider along with me as well to see if I can fly off from the top.

Mike Horn hiking down from the K2.
Mike has recently taken to climbing 8,000ers©


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