Free soloing fall VIDEO

Posted: April 15, 2014 by kirisyko in Climbing

CO Climbs

Rock and Ice online post a “Weekend Whipper” each week — a submitted video of a climber falling hard, or “whipping.” This week they took a different spin on the weekly video, as did the video’s subjects. I this particular video, the climber decides to climb this 5.9 route without a rope. This is know as free soloing. Free soling is simply sport climbing, but without the rope. Climbers usually take on lower rated climbs than they normally do with a rope.

In this video, the climber had already climbed Grab Your Balls (5.9), located in Southwest Pennsylvania, many times while roped in saying he had never fallen on this climb before. So, he decided to free solo this 40-footer. At the crux of the climb he extended fully to reach a ledge and his feet slipped causing him to fall 35 feet. Watch the fall and the climber talking…

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