Storm driving: the base jumping of motorsport

Posted: April 11, 2014 by kirisyko in Motor

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I’ve got one eye on my sock drawer. The other is glued to the TV where the weather pundits are striking terror with news of the “storm of the season” barrelling east from Ontario and Quebec. It will “shut down” New Brunswick and most of Nova Scotia.

Of course this is not what I want to hear as I need to drive to Toronto to swap out a car and deliver a load of Christmas presents left behind by two of my daughters who live there. I have 48 hours to get to Toronto and, with Big White about to do its nasty, thought it prudent to get packed and get up the road.

The rationale is simple. I will be driving west and the storm will be blowing east, so if I make Fredericton, 465 kilometres away, the worst of the storm might blow through while I sleep the…

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