Cave Diving – A Very Specialized Dive Experience

Posted: April 11, 2014 by kirisyko in Cave diving, Water

Under Water

Divers in Cave Divers in Cave

Another Cave Diving Experience Another Cave Diving Experience

Don’t worry you will rarely get injured cave diving…you just die.  If this is true, why cave dive?

Because there is never a dull cave dive, you will see things that few people ever see, you do not have to deal with currents and wind, and the water is clear and the visibility is extreme.  Besides if you learn the necessary safety precautions you can do it safely.

Cave Diving, which should not be confused with cavern diving, is another aspect of scuba diving that requires additional training.  As with wreck diving you will get your open water certification, then log 25 dives, and do at least one more advanced divers training and finally you can certify for cave diving.

Cave diving requires some special skills like; knowing how to lay a line, navigation with a compass, special buoyancy, body position…

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