Bannister is warming up for Brutal Extreme Triathlon

Posted: April 10, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic, Triathlon
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Brutal Iron Man

Beveridge resident Matthew Bannister will take part in the brutal Ironman event in Wales. He will be the first Australian to take part in the double-ironman event. He is also raising funds for Tour to Cure. Source: News Limited

MOST Melbourne Ironman competitors will kick up their blistered heels after the event, a Beveridge resident will continue training for something much tougher.

Matthew Bannister, 28, will use the March 23 Melbourne Ironman as a warm- up event for his attempt at the Brutal Extreme Triathlon in Wales on September 20.

The Brutal Extreme Triathlon will begin with a 7.7km swim, followed by a 360km bike ride then a 15km run to the top of Wales’ highest mountain, Mount Snowdon and, finally, a 65km run.

Bannister said he was a little anxious about the event, which would see him travel almost 450km – the equivalent of running, swimming and cycling from Flinders St Station to Wagga Wagga.

‘I’m a little bit nervous, but definitely excited about it,” Bannister said. ‘I’m aiming to finish in about 36 hours.” ‘I’m not looking for the win, just to finish.” The race won’t just be for personal pleasure either as Bannister aims to raise more than $5000 for cancer charity Tour de Cure.

Bannister said his good luck charm for the Melbourne Ironman and the Wales event would be his 14-month-old daughter, Storm.

‘It’s fantastic having her at the events. It’s fantastic when I see her. ‘I come out of transition, give her a kiss and keep going,” Bannister said. To make a donation, go to and search for his full name.

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