Marathon De Sables 2014 known as the Toughest Foot Race on the PLANET

Posted: April 7, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic, Ultra distance running

Everything Swim Bike and Run and the Occasional Life Encounters

Would you like some sun, sand and heat ? Imagine lying down on the soft sands of Marakesh, sipping ice cold lemon tea, dipping yourself in the pool with bikini babes and hunks all around ? well I would most definitely but surely only after completing the  toughest Footrace on this planet as deem by Discovery Channel.

This race is TOTAL Bragging rights, I think this race has more respect than Ironman in my books, races like this is really pushing the limits of the human mental strength as well as will power. How can anyone train for such a thing? I thought running leadville was bad, but this is another level altogether, it’s seems that someone said, hey Leadville is way too chill with such cooling temperature, lets take it up a notch and fry our noggings by running in temperature no less than 50 degrees Celsius, this race is…

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