Cuba to host 2014 Cliff Diving World Series

Posted: April 7, 2014 by kirisyko in Cliff Diving, Water
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HAVANA, April 6 (Xinhua) — Cuban sports authorities on Sunday gave final touches for the preparations of the first phase of the 2014 Cliff Diving World Series to be held next Friday at Havana’s bay.



Cuban Diving Commissioner Rolando Ruiz Pedreguera said that 14 of the world’s best cliff divers will take part in the event, including Colombian world champion Orlando Duque.



Ruiz said an iron-aluminum structure to support the 7-meter height and 8-meter ledge platform was built to avoid any risk of accident in the reefs.



Besides Duque, other main divers that will take part in the competition include Russian Artem Silchenko, 2013 champion, British Gary Hunt and Mexican Jonathan Paredes.



Ruiz said the competition will include only men’s category and will be held in Havana’s historic Morro Castle, located at the entrance of the city’s bay, where the divers will jump from a 27-meter height.



This will be the first time Cuba will host a Cliff Diving World Series’ competition.



The Havana competition will be part of a 10-site tour including Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Australia, Hawaii and others.



The cliff diving world records are currently held by Oliver Favre, who jumped from a 54-meter height on Aug. 30, 1987 in France and U.S. Lucy Wardle, who made a 37-meter jump on April 7, 1985 in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.

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