Fun and Games at AirKix Milton Keynes

Posted: April 6, 2014 by kirisyko in Air, Sky diving
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There really isn’t much you can say about indoor sky diving, except it is friggin brilliant . The lads at Airkix in milton keynes,were super professional . A tad obsessed about the safety aspect of what we were about to embark on .

As a normal sykotic person, we upped our time to  6 minutes of sky diving. This was an awesome experience , and bloody tiring .

I would definitely recommend trying out indoor skydiving, and we will let you know how our first free fall from a plane goes in july.

We were surprised to learn actually how difficult it was to move around when you are in a free fall. I’m sure once i have been three or four times, ill be cruising around like Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

I have a new found respect for sky divers, as i guffawed at the Certificate in the entrance to Airkix,  showing Bear Grylls had freefalled(“if that is a word”)  for 4 hours. I thought hells bells, ill be back next week to get myself a Guinnes World Record .

After finishing up, i think i might need a few more attempts before contacting Guiness.


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