Rama Llama: A Sustainable Sleeping Bag

Posted: April 3, 2014 by kirisyko in Adventure Travel, SykOtic

The WE Camp Collective

This guest post is written by the founders of Deneb Outdoors, makers of the world’s first sustainable sleeping bag.  

We are Jared Burris and Jared Sandlin, aka… “The Jareds.” We first met in the fifth grade, and quickly became best friends. We grew up in small-town, Wisconsin, and over the course of the next 11 years, we competed on the same sports teams, chased girls together, attended the University of Wisconsin, and worked together as wilderness guides in the “north woods”.

The "Jareds". The “Jareds”.

Sitting around in our dorm room one night, we were ranting about faults of the outdoor industry. These were problems that any casual outdoors enthusiast knows well:

  • Sleeping bags are either a little too hot or a little too cold; they are rarely “just right.”
  • There is not a single affordable eco-friendly insulation on the market! Everything is either petroleum based, or goose-down filled (a byproduct…

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