Trey Canard Ready for Supercross Return

Posted: March 28, 2014 by kirisyko in Freestyle motocross, Motocross, Motor

The Action Update

For 23-year-old Trey Canard, injuries have already been problematic throughout the course of his young career.  In 2010, the rider nicknamed “Turbo Trey” broke his wrist after a crash, abruptly ending his season in June.  Two years later, Canard broke his back during the third round of the AMA Supercross season, once again ending his competition.  As the 2014 season approached, it appeared Canard was 100-percent healthy and ready to once again fight for the sport’s top spot – but with a new season came the same old story. trey-canard

Canard suffered a broken arm on Thanksgiving weekend last year while preparing for the upcoming Supercross season.  It was another blow to his career but he knew it wouldn’t mean the end of his season this time around.  Almost four months, and undoubtedly countless hours of rehabilitation, later, Canard is set to make his 2014 debut this weekend in St. Louis. …

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