‘Muddy marvellous’ as extreme race set to make a splash

Posted: March 26, 2014 by kirisyko in Obstacle racing, SykOtic
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FITNESS fanatics, adrenaline junkies and those who just want a challenge will be given the chance to test their limits at Wales’s first extreme mud race in Carmarthen this summer.

Back 2 the Trenches brings together both natural and man-made obstacles in runs ranging from 5k to 18k, and the first event of its kind in Wales will be held at Cothi Bridge in Carmarthen on Sunday, May 8.

Neil Goode, one of the event organisers, said this summer’s Welsh race was called the Western Front Wales .

He said: “We wanted to tie it in with our themes of the First World War. It is called The Western Front because the Welsh Guards were formed in 1915.”

Mr Goode said Carmarthen was chosen as the location for Wales’ first Back 2 the Trenches event because of its terrain.

“The terrain we like to have is hills and somewhere for challenges.

“The terrain which is fun, will be fantastic here.”

Obstacles include running up hills covered in mud, crawling through muddy water on your hands and knees while keeping your head below barbed wire, climbing over rope nets and tyres and much more.

People hoping to take part in the event are also invited not only to challenge themselves but to take on the extreme run to raise money for charity.

“It is all about self determination, making it enjoyable and achievable,” said Mr Goode.

“It is our first one in Wales and we want to make it as big a success as possible.”

Groups or individuals are invited to take part in the challenge, and there a many opportunities to raise money for good causes.

“It is something that people would never think of doing. It is about pushing yourself but not killing yourself. It’s a personal challenge.”

Mr Goode said they would like to make the event a regular thing in Wales.

Read more: http://www.carmarthenjournal.co.uk/Muddy-marvellous-extreme-race-set-make-splash/story-20849493-detail/story.html#ixzz2x4CAnEhp

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