Extreme biking — and living?

Posted: March 26, 2014 by kirisyko in Bike

Dr. Larry E. Dixon

EXTREME BIKING Adrenaline-junkers like to ride on the edge!

Assuming this is an undoctored picture, that guy is awfully close to the edge . . . of certain death!

I don’t see any wires attached to his shoulders if he should lose his balance.

We all need balance in our Christian lives, don’t we?  I heard a great illustration about balance:  One writer says,

“The man mounting new tires for me,” writes Dennis R. Custer, “had no way of knowing that I am a mechanical engineer.  As he worked, he asked, `Do you know why I put half of the weights on the inside rim and half on the outside?’  `As a matter of fact, I do,’ I replied. `The imbalance can be resolved to a point mass located in the plane of imbalance.  If an equal mass is placed at 180 degrees opposite and at an equivalent radius, then perfect balance…

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