Red Bull Illume

Posted: March 24, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic

In Pursuit Of... There

I spent the evening at the opening night for Red Bull Illume.  What a great event.  I was completely in my element: an adventure sport photo exhibition at night, in a park where each photo was displayed in a huge light box.  I met Rafa Ortiz who is a RedBull kayaker.  I recently discovered the Red Bull Channel on my Apple TV and asked him if he was in “that kayaking show”.  Sure enough, he is one of the kayakers.  Small world.  He is an athlete in one of the pictures showcased tonight.  We chatted for a little bit and then he autographed a print for me signing it with ‘Live the life you love.’  True dat.

I chatted with other photographers – those featured in the show, those who work locally for the news.  Normal people.  Aren’t we all just normal people.

Getting unrealistic.  Could I be an award…

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