How to be a Red Bull Crashed Ice competitor

Posted: March 23, 2014 by kirisyko in Skating, SykOtic, Winter

For the average observer, it looks like downhill hockey. But being good on skates hardly begins to prepare you for the madness that is formally called ice cross downhill.

The best athletes when they try it for the first time are great skaters, true, but they also know how to take a turn at speed, how to gauge a jump, estimate what the terrain will do to their knees and move their body in time with the ice. It’s a skill that downhill mountain bikers and alpine skiers are more likely to bring to the table.

But even if you have it takes, there are steps to get there. First: Go here to sign up for your local qualifier. You have to provide your own protective equipment, but there is some room to get sponsors to help you cover the costs.

[ooyala code=”5sOW9ibDoCRT5pZD65080ndUdFp6qEj4″ image=”” title=”Adam Skube at Red Bull…

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