Backcountry Excursion

Posted: March 20, 2014 by kirisyko in Snow Mobiling, Winter


About a month ago, I was debating how I was going to survive the last leg in Whistler, as my bank account was hitting a dangerous new low. My one asset,  a two day backcountry snow cat tour, was put on the chopping block…I knew that I would regret giving this up for some extra coin, but the thought seriously crossed my mind. I passed on the opportunity to cash in this chit however, and decided to leave it up to fate to decide my financial conundrum. A few days later, I was rewarded with my final disbursement of fisherman funds, and I could once again breath easy.

So, after weeks of dreaming about pillow lines, fresh tracks, and no obnoxious tourists stealing my lines, I packed up my bag with the essentials, grabbed my freshly waxed board and jumped onto the bus that would take me to the outskirts…

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