Climbing, Filtered – A Collection of My Favorite Instagram Climbing Photos

Posted: March 19, 2014 by kirisyko in Climbing, Free Climbing, Rock Climbing, Speed climbing
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I’m extremely grateful to have a job that takes me to all corners of the Earth and keeps me in the company of amazing athletes/friends. I love what I do and the people I do it with. But one of the best parts of this job is inspiring other people to get out there and explore this planet and to get out into the  mountains. I’ve been snapping climbing photos — and popping them on Instagram — for some time now, enough to feel pretty good about some of what’s been captured.

A ton of the credit goes to the talent in the frame, of which there’s no end: Conrad Anker, Alex Honnold, Mark Synnott, Hazel Findlay and a bunch of other top climbers have slowed down long enough for me to catch them in action. This little collection is my salute to their achievements, for inspiring me to always get after it in climbing and life. Hoping it rubs off a bit on some of you….

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite Instagram climbing shots:


Here’s Conrad Anker at 20,000 feet ascending a fixed rope on overhanging terrain. Every time I think my respect for Conrad has maxed, he goes through the ceiling again. Meru, Garwhal Himalaya, India.



The recent issue of National Geographic featured a story I shot on exploratory climbing and deep water soloing on the Musandam Peninsula. Here I got Hazel Findlay going for a swim. Hard to find anyone with her same level of grit and focus. Oman.

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