Alex Jones on her Sport Relief challenge: ‘I don’t know how I’ll wee!’

Posted: March 18, 2014 by kirisyko in Climbing, Rock Climbing
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We’ve had Davina’s epic 500-mile triathlon, Nick Grimshaw cycling for 12 hours in a perspex box and even Robbie Savage and Alan Shearer busting their bums at Wembley. It seems celebrities will do almost anything for Sport Relief.

But this week, The One Show‘s Alex Jones is taking on a truly terrifying challenge – rock climbing up a 1,200ft sheer mountain in Utah over three days. Before she flew out to America, Digital Spy spoke to Alex about matching up to Davina, feelings of dread and the logistics of weeing while climbing…

Alex Jones

© PA Images / Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

Had you ever gone rock climbing before you started training for this challenge?
“In a word, no. I’d only seen pictures of a climbing centre, I’d never actually been into one before! But the reason it appealed to me is because no-one has done a challenge like this and it was an opportunity to learn something new.”

How has your training for this challenge been so far?
“I’ve been training for six weeks, and it’s going fine. It’s very physical – and if I’m honest it’s exhausting. And the climb itself is completely different to how I envisaged it.”

How have you found the experience so far?
“The thought of keeping going for three days fills me with dread. It’s been a real eye-opener. The climbing team who are teaching and supporting me out in America say that the hardest thing will be the mental side of it and being able to talk yourself into being okay at that height for a very long period of time. And the guy who’s actually teaching me tried to do this actual climb and he had to be lifted off the rock because he lost it!”

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