Scuba diver demonstrates what to do when a shark won’t stop coming at you

Posted: March 17, 2014 by kirisyko in Scuba diving, Water

For The Win

A scuba diver managed to fight off a potentially deadly shark with a spear, further proof that the ocean is terrifying and everything inside of it is trying to kill us.

From Gawker:

Jason Dimitri was scuba diving near the Cayman Islands killing lionfish with a short spear when he noticed a Caribbean reef shark circling him. Dimitri, who says he was in about 70 feet of water, was able to fend the shark off with his spear.

Apparently Dimitri was killing lionfish because they are an invasive species that hurt the reef around there. Very noble, Mr. Dimitri.

Dimitri says he won’t give up diving after the harrowing attack, even though it is an objective fact that he should.

(Thanks to Gawker for sharing.)

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