Justifyable risks in winter Mountaineering? Warning from local guide.

Posted: March 13, 2014 by kirisyko in Uncategorized


Two day ago there was another huge avalanche on Ben Nevis which was seen by climbers on Tower Ridge. The local Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team were on scene very quickly as were other agencies and climbers. R137 from RAF Lossiemouth also flew in some of the RAF Lossiemouth Team. In the end there was no tragedy but a great result as the climbers were evacuated safely.The extremely experienced Allan Kimber a local Lochaber mountain Guide has written this about the dangers on Ben Nevis due to the huge Cornices and the massive amount of snow about.

Allan Kimber  “Had an extensive chat with the person who went 300m when Number Four Gully cornice collapsed underneath him. He is an extremely experienced mountaineer. He was around three or four metres back from the edge and had seen from the side that the cornice was not undercut. The fracture happened at least a…

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