Skydiver Collides With Plane… But Amazingly Walks Away Unharmed!

Posted: March 12, 2014 by kirisyko in Air, Sky diving
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How Did They Survive This Unscathed?!

A Florida Sherriff’s office just released this insane series of photos. They show a skydiver (identified as a Mr John Frost) getting his parachute entangled in the wing of a small plane as it took off.

As well as the awesomely American local news report above it’s worth looking at these screen shots from theBBC’s video, which show the whole thing in slow motion.

Skydiver and Small Plane Collide

John Frost has very nearly made it down when the plane – apparently piloted by an 87 year old, Shannon Tremblay – flies into the lines of his chute.

Skydiver Crashes with small planeHe gets yanked violently backwards – god knows what must have been going through his head at this point!

Skydiver small planeThe hapless John Frost then appears to get thrown in the air while the plane, which has been thrown off course by the unexpected crash nosedives viscously towards the ground…

Skydiver crashes with small plane…where it lands with a sickening crunch! If this was a movie, that plane would be exploding into a massive fireball by now.

Skydiver crashes with small planeBut thankfully it’s not/ Somehow the angle of the impact allows the plane to come to rest the right way up, while the skydiver lands a few feet away.

Amazingly both the skydiver and the pilot walked away from this. Given that the take-off speed of a small Cessna like this is about 100 km/h, it’s a miracle no-one was hurt!

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